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…the modulus (#835)

The issue was reported by Marcin Kostrzewa @ Reilabs (@kustosz).

* test: add internal regression test pacakge for tracking filed bugs

* test: add test for reproducing non-unique binary decomposition

* refactor: make comparison against a constant bound public

Even though the method is public this method is not listable as we export
interfaces with smaller method sets. The method can be accessed by implicitly
implementing interface with the method `MustBeLessOrEqCst(aBits
[]frontend.Variable, bound *big.Int, aForDebug frontend.Variable)`.

We use the method for checking in `std/math/bits` package that the binary
decomposition of the bound returned by hint is less than the modulus.

* feat: add option to omit uniqueness check when binary decomposing value

* fix: check that the binary decomposition is unique when nbBits=modlen

* refactor: use bits gadget directly for option control

* docs: describe in documentation alternatives to Cmp and LEQ

* test: add test for math/cmp cases

* feat: add TestEngine checking

* test: reduce binary decomposition length to accomodate tinyfield

* refactor: rename to OmitModulusCheck

* fix: limit decomposition length to fieldbitlen

* feat: allow less than nbBits in constant comparison

* test: update circuit statistics

* feat: allow decomposition length be longer than field length

* Revert "feat: add TestEngine checking"

This reverts commit 8da5d07.

* test: implement constant comparison for test engine

* test: rename file to track issue

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gnark zk-SNARK library

Twitter URL License Go Report Card PkgGoDev Documentation Status DOI

gnark is a fast zk-SNARK library that offers a high-level API to design circuits. The library is open source and developed under the Apache 2.0 license

gnark Users

To get started with gnark and write your first circuit, follow these instructions.

Checkout the online playground to compile circuits and visualize constraint systems.


gnark has been partially audited and is provided as-is, we make no guarantees or warranties to its safety and reliability. In particular, gnark makes no security guarantees such as constant time implementation or side-channel attack resistance.

gnark and gnark-crypto packages are optimized for 64bits architectures (x86 amd64) and tested on Unix (Linux / macOS).


gnark issues are tracked in the GitHub issues tab.

To report a security bug, please refer to gnark Security Policy.

If you have any questions, queries or comments, GitHub discussions is the place to find us.

You can also get in touch directly:

Release Notes

Release Notes

Proving schemes and curves

Refer to Proving schemes and curves for more details.

gnark support the following zk-SNARKs:

which can be instantiated with the following curves

  • BN254
  • BLS12-381
  • BLS12-377
  • BW6-761
  • BLS24-315
  • BW6-633
  • BLS24-317


Refer to the gnark User Documentation

Here is what x**3 + x + 5 = y looks like

package main

import (

// CubicCircuit defines a simple circuit
// x**3 + x + 5 == y
type CubicCircuit struct {
	// struct tags on a variable is optional
	// default uses variable name and secret visibility.
	X frontend.Variable `gnark:"x"`
	Y frontend.Variable `gnark:",public"`

// Define declares the circuit constraints
// x**3 + x + 5 == y
func (circuit *CubicCircuit) Define(api frontend.API) error {
	x3 := api.Mul(circuit.X, circuit.X, circuit.X)
	api.AssertIsEqual(circuit.Y, api.Add(x3, circuit.X, 5))
	return nil

func main() {
	// compiles our circuit into a R1CS
	var circuit CubicCircuit
	ccs, _ := frontend.Compile(ecc.BN254.ScalarField(), r1cs.NewBuilder, &circuit)

	// groth16 zkSNARK: Setup
	pk, vk, _ := groth16.Setup(ccs)

	// witness definition
	assignment := CubicCircuit{X: 3, Y: 35}
	witness, _ := frontend.NewWitness(&assignment, ecc.BN254.ScalarField())
	publicWitness, _ := witness.Public()

	// groth16: Prove & Verify
	proof, _ := groth16.Prove(ccs, pk, witness)
	groth16.Verify(proof, vk, publicWitness)


If you use gnark in your research a citation would be appreciated. Please use the following BibTeX to cite the most recent release.

  author       = {Gautam Botrel and
                  Thomas Piellard and
                  Youssef El Housni and
                  Ivo Kubjas and
                  Arya Tabaie},
  title        = {ConsenSys/gnark: v0.9.0},
  month        = feb,
  year         = 2023,
  publisher    = {Zenodo},
  version      = {v0.9.0},
  doi          = {10.5281/zenodo.5819104},
  url          = {}


Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


This project is licensed under the Apache 2 License - see the LICENSE file for details