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Using Ledger CLI for Non-Profit Organizational Accounting

Non-profit organizations (NPOs), particularly 501(c)(3) charities in the USA, have their own specific accounting needs. These often differ from for-profit accounting needs. For example, for-profit-oriented systems often make problematic assumptions about the workflow of accounting tasks (often because NPOs rely primarily on donations, rather than fee-for-service or widget-selling income). Also, non-profit income is categorized differently than for-profit income, and the reporting requirements vary wildly from their for-profit equivalents.

This project is designed to provide some basic templates, tutorials, workflow documentation and scripts to handle accounting for an NPO. The primary example is a direct project (aka Model A) fiscal sponsor NPO.

The tutorials herein

Copyright and License of this project

The intention is that the examples and templates be of maximum use to everyone in all possible contexts. As such, no copyleft is applied, and the examples and templates will be licensed under CC-0v1.0. The documentation itself (such as the READMEs and tutorials) are dual-licensed (GPLv3-or-later|CC-By-SA-3.0) for maximum use as redistributable documentation, or for use in GPLv3-or-later and/or AGPLv3-or-later projects.

Copyright and License of this File

This specific document, the file for npo-ledger-cli, is copyrighted: Copyright © 2013, Bradley M. Kuhn

The copyright holders wish that this document could be placed into the public domain. However, should such a public domain dedication not be possible, the copyright holders grant a waiver and/or license under the terms of CC0-1.0, as published by Creative Commons, Inc. A copy of CC0-1.0 can be found in the same repository as this file under the filename CC0-1.0.txt. If this document has been separated from the repository, a copy of CC0-1.0 can be found on Creative Commons' website.


Tutorial and examples for using Ledger CLI for NPO Accounting for a fiscal sponsor. This repository is a backup only. Please use to collaborate on this project.



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