Policies of the Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc. This repository is *not* canonical. The policies are kept on k.sfconservancy.org; the copy here is for backup and information purposes only.
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Conservancy's Policies

These are the policies of the Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc..


To the extent possible, Conservancy disclaims all copyright on the documents herein, and provides them under the CC-0 1.0 Universal copyright waiver and fallback license. Conservancy kindly asks that you remove Conservancy's name and all references to contact information of our organization if you reuse these policies for your own organizations and projects.


The canonical location for this repository is on Conservancy's Kallithea instance. Copies of this repository elsewhere, such as Github, are for backup purposes only. If you have contributions, submit them on via Conservancy's Kallithea instance.

These policies are discussed in public with Conservancy's member projects and other Conservancy enthusiasts on the polices-discuss mailing list.

The 'master' branch in this repository denotes the current polices that are in-effect for the Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc. Proposals are made by people in pull requests on k.sfconservancy.org, and then if the Conservancy staff plans to propose them to Conservancy's Board of Directors, they are merged into the 'ready-for-board-approval' branch. Once approved by the Board of Directors, Conservancy staff merges the changes into the 'master' branch.

Proposing A Change

If you would like to propose a change in Conservancy's official policies, please submit a pull request on k.sfconservancy.org. Since Kallithea's workflow is confusing to some, Conservancy will accept pull requests on GitHub, but the latter will only be accepted from members of Conservancy Project Leadership Committees.

Once you've created a pull request, post a message summarizing your reasons for the change to the polices-discuss mailing list. (Note that anyone is permitted to join the list, and posts by non-list-members are held in moderation.) Participate in discussion there, and Conservancy staff will either explain why the change isn't possible, or will merge it into the 'ready-for-board-approval' branch, and will present the change at the next Conservancy Board of Directors meeting.

Using These Policies Elsewhere

Other organizations are encouraged and welcome to create forks of this repository for their own policies at their organization. We ask that Conservancy's name be removed from any forks that you make to avoid confusion. We've licensed these policies CC-0 to make it easy to incorporate the text into other documents, but ask that you nevertheless respect our wishes and remove our name from your forked versions. Thanks!