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An awesome weather app.
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An awesome weather app.

  • Design and Dev by @consindo
  • Icons (Climacons) by @AdamWhitcroft
  • Weather by Yahoo
  • Inspiration from @d0od, @sil and @GeorgeCzabania

Released under the DBAD License (Don't be a dick license).

Packages available exclusively from the Ubuntu Software Center.

Can't afford it?

It's $2.99, just think twice if you're currently sitting in Starbucks with your Mac, iPhone and $5 Latte.

In any case, it's pretty simple to get Stormcloud up and running.

  • Download this repo
  • Download node-webkit
  • Drag and drop the repo onto node-webkit or nw /path/to/stormcloud in terminal

I'm an unemployed high school student. Even though it's the most downloaded app in the Ubuntu Store, I'm not cruising in my luxury yacht.

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