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The Bureau for Book Liberation (#bbl) looks to free publications from the confines of the bound paper codex and monopolies of distribution. It seeks to establish new forms of reading and accessing information while envisioning alternatives to restrictive corporate copyright.

The #bbl serves two functions for a reusable framework:

  • First, the experimentation with the design of the book in an imagined post/anti-copyright age and,
  • second, a technical open source framework for a fully digital and networked book.

Book Remixing: a workshop series

The first event take place 21 Feb 2015, 17:00-19:00 at A Public Library, Berlin. Sign up here http://www.apubliclibrary.org/event/book-remixing-with-the-bureau-for-book-liberation/

The workshop is related to the Hybrid Publishing Consortium's research into open source software infrastructures for publishing.

  • Firstly 'Designing the Book of the Future', a reading experiences where transmedia references are immediately made available in a document—inline, in full, or with full media playback and with a full provenance.
  • Second to add a new public layer of data to the public library systems, where users can share insights on what is inside books, to support the librarian's role as book remixer.
  • Third, how to create the fully digital publication document? In the case of book scanning to go beyond the searchable PDF and in publication production a digital document that can work for all the different parts of a book's lifecycle.

The #bbl does not have the technical know-how for exploration of copyright issues to support the proposed framework, but welcomes input to develop this important area. For now let's play!



  • Book scanner and open source post-production workflow
  • Open source multi-format tool chain and pipelines
  • Library of open publications
  • Case studies and research reports
  • Research network