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Tic Tac Toe Project

This is a single-page-application that allows a user to sign up and login to play tic-tac-toe against a friend. Games can be saved for later and reloaded. The user can also view statistics about number of games played etc.


Alternate between players placing X's and O'x onto the gameboard until one player places "three-in-a-row" (horizontally, diagonally, or vertically) and wins, or spaces run out and the game results in a draw.

You must first create an account with your email address, before you can log in and view the game board. Initially, you need to create a game to get started. A new game will begin and the Game ID associated with that game will be displayed on the page. You can leave the game without finishing the game, and its progress will be saved with the server. To load a previous game, click the button to laod your game history (can be display only finished or in-progress games) and enter the Game ID of the game you wish to load into the prompt that pops up when you click load game. At any point, you may view your career statistics via the button, and a popup will appear displaying various stats associated with your account.

You may change your password with the change password button by entering your old password followed by your new password. If you wish to sign in to a different account, simply logout and sign in with the other account.

Technologies Used

This project runs on a combination of Javascript, Ajax and Jquery (apart from the CSS and HTML for the page itself). The game logic to determine the majority of how the game functions is determined by an "engine" built in javascript. Jquery helps display error messages and manipulate the DOM as the user interacts with the website. Account info, game history, etc. is stored with a remote API, which the game contacts using AJAX requests.

Planning Stages

I began the project by sketching out a wire frame (linked at the bottom) that made space for every feature and button I wanted to include. I had originally planned to allow for multiplayer-online functionality, but quickly realized I would have to severely cut back time I could spend on the UI / User Experience. The structure of the page that I had envisioned during my wire frame sketching morphed into what it resembles now after I learned about bootstrap.

I began the process by creating a general layout of divs, beginning from an HTML boilerplate. I changed the background of each div to visualize what the structure of the page would look like and make sure to have room for each feature I wanted implement. Next, I began working out the logistics for the authentican processes and verified that I could contact the API with curl scripts. I generally would add an element to the page, add an "on" event, link it up to an AJAX call, test that the call works, and then finally workout what would happen when the request failed or succeeded. This meant I would use JQuery to either display an error notification, or manipulate the DOM in accordance with the feature I am trying to implement. Next, I created the Javascript to handle the actual logic that controlled the game of Tic-Tac-Toe by checking for wins, calculating turns, etc. This was the most tedious part, as it required a lot of interaction with every other aspect of the website. Finally, I tidied the page up with CSS, and began checking for bugs, which I would address by fixing or implementing some sort of error notification.

In retrospect, if I had more time I would have organized my code much more efficiently. My code contains a good amount of repetition and strangely named variables/functions that I intend to prune in the future, but I was much more concerned with producing a working product that producing unfinished, but organized code - especially given the tight deadline.

Plans for the Future

I would like to eventually add multiplayer-online functionality, which was my original ambition. The website does not do well when the window size shrinks, which is something I would also like to address. I envision being able to play on a mobile device, so making the UI compatible with mobile devices is definitely priority. In terms of my logic and code structure, I think I can clean up a lot of redundancies and increase efficiency throughout if I sit down with the project once more.

User Stories

  1. I would like to log in and play a game with my siblings. Ideally, I want to play with them on our separate devices.

  2. I would like to be able to play games with users on the network that I've never met.

  3. I just want a simple game that I can play with my grandparents on their new computer. We just need to be able to play several games at a time - without having to log back in or refresh the page.

  4. I want to be able to play games while I'm at work. Ideally I can compare my win statistics with my friends who also use the website frequently.

Initial Wireframe Links

Main View - "Logged In" View -


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