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Poker Tracker Front-End

The application -

This is a single-page-application that allows a user to sign up and login to track other players' actions at a poker table to then generate several statistics about their tendencies. Players can be saved and reloaded, as well as the user's career statistics. The user can see a list of their saved players, and delete players if they so choose.

The app was designed to work on small devices, and was optimized for the Iphone 6.


To get started, the user must create an account with an email address. The name field is required, and determines what the user's player will be called within the application. The user may change their password after logging in, by clicking the 'Account' button.

Once logged in, click the table button. Choose the amount of seats at the table. Beware: choosing a number of seats will reset all players, if there are any.

Clicking the radio buttons under 'User' will set that seat as the user. Doing so will automatically load the user's statistics from the server. Setting the user overwrites the player's data that was in that seat previously, so be sure to save that player if you wish to retain that data. Saving players at the table initiates a patch request to the server that saves the player if it exists, or creates it if not. The first time a user sits at the table, a patch request will be made to save the player, but fail and then a post request will intialize the user's player. A list of saved players can be displayed by clicking the 'Player List' button.

Players will be initiated as aunonymous players named 'Player x', where x is equal to that player's seat number. Players can be named, but must be saved if you wish to access that player's data at another time. Player's can be saved, deleted, or loaded from the server by targeting the appropriate seat number with the seat selector dropdown, and then clicking the appropriate button.

Before you save a player, ensure that you are not accidentally overwriting another player with the same name by reviewing the list generated by Player List. Note that players can not be saved as 'Player x'.

To delete a player, the player must exist on the server. To delete a player, ensure that the player is loaded, and then target the seat the player is in and click the delete button.

If a player is present, but not playing in the hand, you may uncheck the 'playing' checkbox, and that player will be excluded from the round.

After the table is set, close the table menu, and click 'Start Round' to begin tracking the round. Choose which player has the dealer chip, and then simply press the correct button to match each player's action. If a check is not possible (E.g. checking after a bet was made), the status indicator at the bottom will notify you.

The tracker will automatically determine who's action it is as well as the phase of the round (pre-flop/flop/turn/river).

At any point, statistics can be displayed by clicking the 'Statistics' button to display the statistics menu. Note that the statistics do not include the current hand in progress, and will not incorporate that information until the round has finished.

If you wish to sign in to a different account, simply logout and sign in with the other account.

Technologies Used

This project runs on a combination of Javascript, Ajax and Jquery (apart from the CSS and HTML for the page itself). The logic to determine the majority of how the tracker functions is determined by an "engine" built in javascript. Jquery helps display error messages and manipulate the DOM as the user interacts with the website. Account info, player history, etc. is stored with a remote API, which the game contacts using AJAX requests.

Planning Stages

I began the project by sketching out a wire frame (linked at the bottom) that made space for every feature and button I wanted to include. The structure of the page that I had envisioned during my wire frame sketching morphed into what it resembles now after thinking more about how each feature would have to be implemented.

I began by establishing the login features, with the login and logout buttons hiding and showing the main display div. After these features were implemented, I implemented the main buttons that would be used to track player actions and display the statistics. Next, I began working on the set table functionality in order to have a group of players to work with before I designed the tracker logic.

The tracker logic uses a game object with a handful of properties including but not limited to each player, an array to contain players that are actually playing, an attribute to track the phase of the game, etc. Ten player objects are intialized when the page loads via a constructor function. These objects contain a pleathora of attributes to track a variety of statistics, hold values for the current session as well as career values loaded from the server, and several booleans denoting things such as whether the player is playing or is the dealer.

Each tracker button is attached to a function that runs several checks to determine if the action is possible and whether or not to increment certain counters for various statistics. Each action also checks if that action ends the phase, and if it does the phase is incremented, and the actions begin with the proper player (determined in relation to the player with the dealer chip).

Once the logic was in place to rotate around the table, I was able to then begin adding in conditions to check for opportunities to track specific actions based on factors such as the phase.

The logic was a bulk of the work, but the rest of the work lied in implementing CRUD actions to handle loading and saving players. As compared to the tracker logic, where testing was fairly easy, I had to account for a wide variety of user facing bugs that arose. A few examples included disallowing the user from saving players without a name, properly reseting the player object when a player was deleted, properly excluding players from the round if their playing checkbox was unchecked, etc.

In retrospect, I did not allow for nearly enough time for the logic surrounding the CRUD actions. I made too many changes in an erratic manner just before my deadline, and wound up doing way more harm than good. I rolled back several git commits, and was able to recover and clean up the code; however, an extra day for crud related work would have done me wonders. There were many opportunites for me to clean up my code and write much better commit messages, but I sacrificed those opportunities in order to have an MVP by the deadline with a rather complicated concept. I began modularizing certain aspects of the game logic that seemed repetitive, but much work is to be done. I also need to use enumeration methods much more often, as I found myself writing for loops over and over again.

Plans for the Future

I would like to implement many more statistics (much of the scaffolding necessary to do so is already in place). I would like to simplify the load/save functionality; it feels very clunky as it stands. I would like to prevent current data from being reset when a different table size is selected.

User Stories

  1. I would like to be able to login, and track everyone’s actions. I don’t need to be able to save player’s statistics for later because I rarely play with the same group of people.
  2. I want my account to store and display my career statistics to see if I am playing too aggressively or passively in certain scenarios. The app should aggregate my actions over the course of multiple sessions.
  3. I frequently play with a group of friends, so I would like to be able to load in other people’s statistics by name so that each session begins by adding current session’s actions into the calculations of the player’s career statistics.
  4. I would like the tracker to automatically load in my own career statistics whenever I play.
  5. I’m not a good poker player, but I would like it if there were some links to information on the statistics that the app generates so that I could learn about what the app is telling me about a player.

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