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package main
import (
var (
format string
formatStdin bool
jsonOutput bool
func init() {
Name: "list",
UsageLine: `list [-s] [-f format] [-json] [packages]`,
Short: "list the packages named by the importpaths",
Long: `
List lists packages imported by the project.
The default output shows the package import paths:
% gb list
alternate format for the list, using the syntax of package template.
The default output is equivalent to -f '{{.ImportPath}}'. The struct
being passed to the template is currently an instance of gb.Package.
This structure is under active development and it's contents are not
guaranteed to be stable.
read format template from STDIN.
prints output in structured JSON format. WARNING: gb.Package
structure is not stable and will change in the future!
Run: list,
AddFlags: func(fs *flag.FlagSet) {
fs.StringVar(&format, "f", "{{.ImportPath}}", "format template")
fs.BoolVar(&formatStdin, "s", false, "read format from stdin")
fs.BoolVar(&jsonOutput, "json", false, "outputs json. WARNING: gb.Package structure is not stable and will change in future")
func list(ctx *gb.Context, args []string) error {
if formatStdin {
var formatBuffer bytes.Buffer
io.Copy(&formatBuffer, os.Stdin)
format = formatBuffer.String()
pkgs, err := resolveRootPackages(ctx, args...)
if err != nil {
log.Fatalf("unable to resolve: %v", err)
if jsonOutput {
views := make([]*PackageView, 0, len(pkgs))
for _, pkg := range pkgs {
views = append(views, NewPackageView(pkg))
encoder := json.NewEncoder(os.Stdout)
if err := encoder.Encode(views); err != nil {
return errors.Wrap(err, "json encoding failed")
} else {
fm := template.FuncMap{
"join": strings.Join,
tmpl, err := template.New("list").Funcs(fm).Parse(format)
if err != nil {
return errors.Wrapf(err, "unable to parse template %q", format)
for _, pkg := range pkgs {
if err := tmpl.Execute(os.Stdout, pkg); err != nil {
return errors.Wrap(err, "unable to execute template")
return nil
// PackageView represents a package shown by list command in JSON format.
// It is not stable and may be subject to change.
type PackageView struct {
Dir string
ImportPath string
Name string
Root string
GoFiles []string
Imports []string
TestGoFiles []string
TestImports []string
// NewPackageView creates a *PackageView from gb Package.
func NewPackageView(pkg *gb.Package) *PackageView {
return &PackageView{
Dir: pkg.Dir,
ImportPath: pkg.ImportPath,
Name: pkg.Name,
Root: pkg.Root,
GoFiles: pkg.GoFiles,
Imports: pkg.Package.Imports,
TestGoFiles: pkg.TestGoFiles,
TestImports: pkg.TestImports,
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