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package main
import (
func init() {
var (
tfs []string // Arguments passed to the test binary
testCover bool
testCoverMode string
testCoverPkg string
testVerbose bool // enable verbose output of test commands
testNope bool // do not execute test binaries, compile and link only
func addTestFlags(fs *flag.FlagSet) {
fs.BoolVar(&testCover, "cover", false, "enable coverage analysis")
fs.StringVar(&testCoverMode, "covermode", "set", "Set covermode: set (default), count, atomic")
fs.StringVar(&testCoverPkg, "coverpkg", "", "enable coverage analysis")
fs.BoolVar(&testVerbose, "v", false, "enable verbose output of subcommands")
fs.BoolVar(&testNope, "n", false, "do not execute test binaries, compile only")
var testCmd = &cmd.Command{
Name: "test",
UsageLine: "test [build flags] -n -v [packages] [flags for test binary]",
Short: "test packages",
Long: `
Test automates testing the packages named by the import paths.
'gb test' recompiles each package along with any files with names matching
the file pattern "*_test.go".
print output from test subprocess.
do not execute test binaries, compile only
Run: func(ctx *gb.Context, args []string) error {
ctx.Force = F
ctx.Install = !FF
ctx.Verbose = testVerbose
ctx.Nope = testNope
r := test.TestResolver(ctx)
// gb build builds packages in dependency order, however
// gb test tests packages in alpha order. This matches the
// expected behaviour from go test; tests are executed in
// stable order.
pkgs, err := resolveRootPackages(r, args...)
if err != nil {
return err
test, err := test.TestPackages(TestFlags(tfs), pkgs...)
if err != nil {
return err
if dotfile != "" {
f, err := os.Create(dotfile)
if err != nil {
return err
defer f.Close()
printActions(f, test)
return gb.ExecuteConcurrent(test, P, interrupted)
AddFlags: addTestFlags,
FlagParse: func(flags *flag.FlagSet, args []string) error {
var err error
args, tfs, err = TestFlagsExtraParse(args[2:])
if err != nil {
fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "gb test: %s\n", err)
fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, `run "go help test" or "go help testflag" for more information`+"\n")
return flags.Parse(args)