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//go:generate gb vendor help documentation
gb-vendor, a gb plugin to manage your vendored dependencies.
gb vendor command [arguments]
The commands are:
fetch fetch a remote dependency
update update a local dependency
list lists dependencies, one per line
delete deletes a local dependency
purge purges all unreferenced dependencies
restore restore dependencies from the manifest
Use "gb vendor help [command]" for more information about a command.
Additional help topics:
Use "gb vendor help [topic]" for more information about that topic.
Fetch a remote dependency
gb vendor fetch [-branch branch | -revision rev | -tag tag] [-precaire] [-no-recurse] importpath
fetch vendors an upstream import path.
The import path may include a url scheme. This may be useful when fetching dependencies
from private repositories that cannot be probed.
-branch branch
fetch from the name branch. If not supplied the default upstream
branch will be used.
do not fetch recursively.
-tag tag
fetch the specified tag. If not supplied the default upstream
branch will be used.
-revision rev
fetch the specific revision from the branch (if supplied). If no
revision supplied, the latest available will be supplied.
allow the use of insecure protocols.
Update a local dependency
gb vendor update [-all] import
gb vendor update will replaces the source with the latest available from the head of the master branch.
Updating from one copy of a dependency to another comes with several restrictions.
The first is you can only update to the head of the branch your dependency was vendered from, switching branches is not supported.
The second restriction is if you have used -tag or -revision while vendoring a dependency, your dependency is "headless"
(to borrow a term from git) and cannot be updated.
To update across branches, or from one tag/revision to another, you must first use gb vendor delete to remove the dependency, then
gb vendor fetch [-tag | -revision | -branch ] [-precaire] to replace it.
will update all dependencies in the manifest, otherwise only the dependency supplied.
allow the use of insecure protocols.
Lists dependencies, one per line
gb vendor list [-f format]
gb vendor list formats lists the contents of the manifest file.
The output
controls the template used for printing each manifest entry. If not supplied
the default value is "{{.Importpath}}\t{{.Repository}}{{.Path}}\t{{.Branch}}\t{{.Revision}}"
Deletes a local dependency
gb vendor delete [-all] importpath
delete removes a dependency from $PROJECT/vendor/src and the vendor manifest
remove all dependencies
Purges all unreferenced dependencies
gb vendor purge
gb vendor purge will remove all unreferenced dependencies
Restore dependencies from the manifest
gb vendor restore [-precaire]
Restore vendor dependencies.
allow the use of insecure protocols.
package main