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package main
import (
var (
// gb vendor delete flags
// delete all dependencies
deleteAll bool
func addDeleteFlags(fs *flag.FlagSet) {
fs.BoolVar(&deleteAll, "all", false, "delete all dependencies")
var cmdDelete = &cmd.Command{
Name: "delete",
UsageLine: "delete [-all] importpath",
Short: "deletes a local dependency",
Long: `delete removes a dependency from $PROJECT/vendor/src and the vendor manifest
remove all dependencies
Run: func(ctx *gb.Context, args []string) error {
if len(args) != 1 && !deleteAll {
return errors.New("delete: import path or --all flag is missing")
} else if len(args) >= 1 && deleteAll {
return errors.New("delete: you cannot specify path and --all flag at once")
m, err := vendor.ReadManifest(manifestFile(ctx))
if err != nil {
return errors.Errorf("could not load manifest: %v", err)
var dependencies []vendor.Dependency
if deleteAll {
dependencies = make([]vendor.Dependency, len(m.Dependencies))
copy(dependencies, m.Dependencies)
} else {
p := args[0]
dependency, err := m.GetDependencyForImportpath(p)
if err != nil {
return errors.Wrap(err, "could not get dependency")
dependencies = append(dependencies, dependency)
for _, d := range dependencies {
path := d.Importpath
if err := m.RemoveDependency(d); err != nil {
return errors.Wrap(err, "dependency could not be deleted")
if err := fileutils.RemoveAll(filepath.Join(ctx.Projectdir(), "vendor", "src", filepath.FromSlash(path))); err != nil {
// TODO(dfc) need to apply vendor.cleanpath here to remove intermediate directories.
return errors.Wrap(err, "dependency could not be deleted")
return vendor.WriteManifest(manifestFile(ctx), m)
AddFlags: addDeleteFlags,