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The Investigator Cases are a somewhat-serial set of sort-of video games. They're point-and-click who-dunnits inspired by games such as Professor Layton and authors such as Agatha Christie. I produce one super short game every Ludum Dare (i.e., every 3 months), which is a quarterly game jam in which users have about 3 days to complete and submit a game.

The Investigator is an Alligator who Investigates crime, alongside various faithful sidekicks such as The Vanilla Chinchilla and The Trauma Llama. With Bobbycat, they investigate various gruesome murders, interrogate suspects, and collect clues, until the time comes to accuse the murderer. The games are basically a very long excuse for me to come up with a bunch of rhyming animal names as well as the most heartfelt groan-inducing puns I can think of.

They're created in pure DOM (CSS/HTML/jQuery) because I'm the hackiest of hacks who ever hacked. Also, because I create the games mostly solo, which means all the writing/art/tech in under 3 days. My goal is for iterative improvement every Ludum Dare.

To Do's and list of code improvements on my agenda:

  • Add a "Play All" or "View the website" CTA link to the ending credit screens
  • Investigate using PhoneGap or similar to convert these to Android/iPhone apps
  • Investigate a more animation-friendly library such as Zepto or or Velocity.js, to better handle fade ins and fade outs
  • Investigate a more performant alternative to append and prepend
  • Investigate a better way of marking 'already-read' dialogue branches, perhaps by utilizing native a:visited, or localstorage
  • Far future - Investigate using a more applicable framework, such as Phaser or HTML5 canvas


The Investigator Cases are point-and-click who-dunnits about an alligator who investigates crime.



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