A Firefox Add-on using the Add-ons SDK that simply changes the URL on YouTube to use the HTML5 player.
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YouTube HTML5 Switch


This is a very simple Firefox Add-on that adds the "html5=1" parameter inside the address bar of the tab that is currently active. Only with a simple click on the widget.


Right now we have:

  • A navigation bar button & a add-on bar button using the toolbarbutton-jplib (and its depdencies) by erikvold
  • A clickable widget icon
  • It works only when youtube.com/watch has been opened
  • It doesn't work if &html5=1 is already in the URL

##Known issues

The Add-on is not very smart, yet. For example:

  • If the Add-on is used at least once and then the user changes to a non-YouTube tab (call it X), then on the next click of the button the URL of X will change to the previously used YouTube URL.

Features to be added

Obviously there is much to do but for starters let's...

  • When user changes to already open tabs, handle the url correctly
  • Prompt a message in a panel box if "html5=1" has been inserted
  • Automatically change the URL without a widget.

The Add-on is under the MIT Licence as described on LICENCE.txt