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Engine for music and voice analysis, and music creation. There is a hope to extend it into music therapy applications.

This application was developed with Qt 5.15.2 using QML. Tested on linux/android/windows.

Current status is pre-alpha, no releases yet. Most of components yet build to the stage 'proof of concept', when all types of components would be fullfilled there would start work to complete them all.

Code from this project was used to write an article:


  • Audio recording, audio playing (from file or recorder)
  • MIDI files loading, saving, generating (several effects functions migrated from guitar tablatures)
  • Audio generation from MIDI files using soundfonts
  • Feature extration: root mean square, F0, F0 to midi, mean, median, mode, range, peaks finder
  • Audio qml component, to explore sound using root mean square, with start\end note peaks finder and F0
  • Spectrograph component using fast fourier transform with various parameters
  • Possible noise detection in fft window (yet very plain)
  • STFT computation and visualization
  • Constant-Q computation and visualization
  • Cepstrum calculation
  • Autocorrelation visualization and YIN algorithm visualization
  • Tapping componet, to tap rhythm using mouse\mobile device screen with export to midi\pcm
  • Piano roll component - to load and edit midi files
  • Pattern input - a way to fast write drums, polyrithm option included
  • Guitar tablature components - to view and edit guitar tabs
  • QML logger component - to read logs on mobile screen (or without running application from command line)

Application contains several soundfonts and midi files to check functionality, Implemented test to detect MIDI files regression.


Wave view and spectrograph:

mtherapp screenshot

Wave view claps start end detection (blue is start, red is end):

mtherapp screenshot

Wave view with f0 diplay (red line below)

mtherapp screenshot

Short time fourier transform:

mtherapp screenshot

Constant-Q transform:

mtherapp screenshot

Autocorelation and Yin visualization:

mtherapp screenshot

Filters comparison visualization (yet only low and high pass + both):

mtherapp screenshot

Cepstrum visualization:

mtherapp screenshot

Most of the visualization could be saved as image.

To access all types of audio analysis there is a simple recorder:

mtherapp screenshot

There is midi player based on sound fonts:

mtherapp screenshot

There is tapping function, that lets you tap rhythm on screen, and save it to pcm or midi:

mtherapp screenshot

And there is tablature editor\viewer, yet in development:

mtherapp screenshot

Piano roll, to load and edit midi files, yet no all the functions like velocy supported:

mtherapp screenshot

Pattern input lets you write drum tracks fast, it has a polyrithm option, that lets you write different drum instuments with different bar sizes, PI will calculate when bar sizes converge and generate midi\wav:

mtherapp screenshot


Project uses several libraries:

  • TinySoundFont

  • FFTReal (tiny tweaked)

  • KISS fft

  • Constant-Q Library (tweaked for float samples)

  • DSP IIR realtime filter library

  • Wavelib - wavelet library (currently turned off, but library is in the repo)

All libraries have permissive license, that help use same type of license for this project.


All icons used in current version are taken from icons8 site!

Current status

Project is suspended because lack of resourses, but this would not last forever (I hope).