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A repository to hold various Constellation adaptors


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Constellation Adaptors

Constellation is a graph-focused data visualisation and interactive analysis application enabling data access, federation and manipulation capabilities across large and complex data sets.

While it provides significant capability out of the box, it has been designed with extensibility and modularity in mind. The Core is intended to be domain agnostic and therefore does not connect to external systems. The purpose of this module suite is to hold a collection of Constellation "Adaptors" that can be used to connect to specific data sources, providers for maps, adaptors for systems like elastic search, Data Access Plugins etc.

List of Adaptors

Adaptors Data Access Plugins

A collection of Data Access View plugins that you can use to import, enrich and extend using GDELT, GML, GraphML, or Pajek file formats.

Adaptors Map View

A collection of Map View providers including ArcGIS, Bing, GoogleMap, OpenStreetMap and Staman which use publically available APIs.

Adaptors Dependencies

Used to hold 3rd party libraries required by a adaptors. Presently no additional dependencies exist.

Contributing to Constellation Adaptors

For more information please see the contributing guide.

More Information

This repository should follow everything mentioned in the Constellation README.


A repository to hold various Constellation adaptors







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