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Constellation analyst and developer training guides.


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Constellation Training

Constellation is a graph-focused data visualisation and interactive analysis application enabling data access, federation and manipulation capabilities across large and complex data sets.

Analyst Training

The Analyst Training folder contains a series of self paced exercises you can follow to become fluent with using Constellation starting with the basics of "why graphs?" in exercise 1 and move up all the way up to doing network analysis with Constellation and Python in exercise 10. Answers to exercises are also provided to verify your learning.

  • Exercise 1 - Why Graphs
  • Exercise 2 - Introduction to Constellation
  • Exercise 3 - Histogram View
  • Exercise 4 - Selecting in Constellation
  • Exercise 5 - Putting it Together - Checkpoint
  • Exercise 6 - Map View and Location Data
  • Exercise 7 - Conversation View and Content Data
  • Exercise 8 - Analytic View and Social Network Analysis
  • Exercise 9 - Clustering and Similarity
  • Exercise 10 - Network Analysis With Python

If you have any feedback or have questions then feel free to submit an issue to here and we will get back to you. We also welcome any contribution to exercises.

Developer Training

Constellation provides significant capability out of the box, it has been designed with extensibility and modularity in mind. There are two prominent ways of extending Constellation, namely through its views or by creating plugins.

Views appear as windows in the application and provide visualisation of and interaction with the graph.

Plugins perform operations on the graph. In addition, there are several other ways that Constellation can be customised, including defining new attributes or even your own custom graph.

This guide will introduce you to the most common ways to customise Constellation in order to solve domain-specific problems. Each chapter will introduce a new concept interspersed with a series of practical exercises. These exercises will build on each other to form a complete solution to a hypothetical scenario.

Special Instructions

Presently we are in the process of migrating our repositories from NetBeans 8 to NetBeans 11. Everything is up to date besides the training documentation. Until this is updated, you will need to checkout this commit in this repository to follow along the code and documentation and this README.

More Information

This repository should follow everything mentioned in the Constellation README.


Constellation analyst and developer training guides.







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