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Citizen Participation and Open Government Application

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This is the opensource code repository of the eParticipation website CONSUL, originally developed for the Madrid City government eParticipation website

Current state

Development started on 2015 July 15th. Code was deployed to production on 2015 september 7th to Since then new features are added often. You can take a look at the current features in features or docs and future features in the open issues list. For current status on upcoming features go to Roadmap

Configuration for development and test environments

NOTE: For more detailed instructions check the docs

Prerequisites: install git, Ruby (the version defined in the .ruby-version file in the CONSUL repository), the bundler gem, Node.js and PostgreSQL (>=9.4).

git clone
cd consul
bundle install
cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml
cp config/secrets.yml.example config/secrets.yml
bin/rake db:create
bin/rake db:migrate
bin/rake db:dev_seed
RAILS_ENV=test rake db:setup

Run the app locally:

bin/rails s

Prerequisites for testing: install ChromeDriver >= 2.33

Run the tests with:


You can use the default admin user from the seeds file:

user: pass: 12345678

But for some actions like voting, you will need a verified user, the seeds file also includes one:

user: pass: 12345678


You can find this project documentation at


Code published under AFFERO GPL v3 (see LICENSE-AGPLv3.txt)