Plugin Development Starter Guide

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Before you start

Before you start developing plugins for/with Consulo IDE please read this article and make sure that you have passed all the following steps. Any experience with Intellij IDEA is helpful but not required at all.

This guide only for Consulo 2+. First version is outdated, and not supported

1. Install all plugins required for development.

1.1 Open the Browse Repositories window.

On Windows: File -> Settings -> Plugins.

On MacOS: Consulo -> Preferences -> Plugins or ⌘, -> Plugins

Press the Browse Repositories button.

1.2 In the list of plugins pick the following plugins and click [Install plugin] button in the right bar:

  • Consulo Plugin DevKit
  • Lombok
  • GWT (only for consulo repo)
  • Groovy (only for consulo-groovy repo)
  • Scala (only for consulo-scala repo)
  • Ruby (only for consulo-ruby repo)

1.3 Press [close] and [OK] buttons. IDE will automatically install all chosen plugins and then restart itself.

2. Install all SDK's required for development.

2.1 Make sure that you have installed the Java plugin before you make this step.

2.2 Open the Project Structure:

On Windows: File -> Project Structure

On MacOS: File -> Project Structure or ⌘;

2.3 Press Bundles in Global Settings

2.4 Press '+' and pick JDK.

2.5 Choose path to JDK on your system. Better use JDK 1.6 - 1.8. JDK 1.9 dont supported.

NOTE: JDK should be named '1.6'

(repeat the same with JDK name '1.8')

2.6 Press '+' and choose Consulo Plugin SDK.

2.7 Choose path to the Consulo IDE install directory. (Consulo is the Consulo Plugin SDK itself)

NOTE: Consulo SDK should be named 'Consulo SNAPSHOT'. If it is not already named that, right click the name, click Copy and put 'Consulo SNAPSHOT' as the name

2.8 This step only for main repository (consulo) Press '+' and choose `GWT', select directory with GWT bundle (required GWT 2.7+). SDK name is 'gwt-2.7.0'

2.9 Press [Apply] and [OK]


Opening projects and downloading dependencies

Click Actions -> Open project and select the path to the project.

To download dependencies, right click on the project directory and select 'Download/Update Dependencies'



All projects of have the dist artifact. All plugins with dependencies also have the plugin artifact.

The dist artifact is located in {project home}/out/artifacts/dist. It is used to make a project build, ready for use and sharing.

The plugin artifact is located in {project home}/out/artifacts/plugin. It is used for development and sandbox testing of plugins with dependencies. It makes a build with an inside copy of dist and dep directories. Don't use this for making release versions.