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PUG Challenge 2017 Presentation

Proparse, forked from

The grammar files uses ANTLR 2x syntax (compiler in lib/antlr-2.7.7.jar), use the ANTLR plugin for Eclipse from sourceforge - the newest ANTLR IDE only works with ANTLR version 3+.

As far as I can tell there are two grammar files used by proparse

- com/joanju/proparse/proparse.g
- com/joanju/proparse/proeval.g

Last one is only used if code chunk or preprocess evaluation is requested.

However, prorefactor has a number of additional grammars all looking more or less same with some extensions to the proparse one

- org/prorefactor/treeparserbase/JPTreeParser.g 
- org/prorefactor/treeparser01/JPTreeParser.g
- org/prorefactor/treeparser01/expandedtreeparser01.g

Out of those only the first one seems to be used in unit test scripts.

Adding new keyword usually require: 1. add the keyword to com/joanju/proparse/BaseTokenTypes.txt (also increment Last_Token_Number) 2. add the keyword in com/joanju/proparse/ (there is a long list in the static constructor) 3. depending on keyword type the grammar file might need to be updated - SYSTEM HANDLE (SYSHDL), add the keyword on 'systemhandlename' rule - FUNCTIONS (MAY_BE_REGULAR_FUNC or MAY_BE_NO_ARG_FUNC), add it to one of the following rules: 'builtinfunc', 'argfunc', 'recordfunc', 'noargfunc'