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Chrome Extension for Consumer Notebook

Credit goes to Michael Komitee for creating this Chrome extension.

How to install locally

The following is intended for developers who wish to install this locally and modify the code.

  1. git clone into the directory where you normally put your code projects.
  2. Go to Window > Extensions.
  3. Click the [Load unpacked extension...] button.
  4. Navigate to wherever you git cloned the code earlier. Highlight the cn-chrome-extension folder and click [Select].
  5. Now you should see a little Consumer Notebook icon to the right of your search bar. You're done. (To get rid of it, just right click it and choose Disable or Uninstall.)

Is this in the Chrome Web Store yet?

Not yet. The Chrome Web Store requires a bunch of graphics (large image, marquee image, etc.), which Audrey's still putting together.

Also, we may be adding OpenID support before releasing it, so that Chrome users can register/sign in with just a couple clicks of their Google accounts.

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