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A simple Java program to invoke an AWS Lambda function from another Lambda function.
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Invoke an AWS Lambda function from another Lambda Function

This is a simple Java program which will invoke a Lambda function in Amazon Web Services (AWS) from another Lambda function. I have taken this code snippet from one of the production services that I recently wrote at work. The problem which lead to this was, AWS has a limitation in which we can't configure multiple Lambda functions to S3 bucket events, with the same prefix and suffix.

So in this particular case, we wanted to process all text files uploaded to a particular S3 bucket in two different ways. So obviously, we wrote two different Lambda functions. But I later discovered that I can't trigger more than one Lambda for the same suffix in an S3 bucket. So the solution was to invoke the new Lambda from within the exiting Lambda. And that's how this POC came into existence.

How To Run?

Make sure you change the values of the constants in the com.contactsunny.poc.InvokeLambdaFromAnotherLambdaPOC.config.CustomConstants class, according to your own setup. Then, build the project using the following command:

mvn package shade:shade

This will create a .jar file in the target/ directory. Upload that directory to S3 or directly in a Lambda function. That's all!

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