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This repository contains community related content that applies to all repositories in the CSI org. This page documents how to participate in the community.

How to contribute or get involved?

The Container Storage Interface (CSI) Community aims to be open, transparent, inclusive, and promote the best ideas. Contributions are welcome and encouraged from everyone.

Github Org

If there are issues or changes you would like to see, feel free to open an issue or send out a PR in the appropriate repo (e.g. https://github.com/container-storage-interface/spec/issues). The review and approval process is defined in the governance doc.

Community Meeting

A CSI Community meeting is held every two weeks. Everyone is welcome to participate.


Community Google Group

CSI community announcements, event invites, and discussions are posted to the container-storage-interface-community Google Group. Join the group to participate.


The governance doc defines the role of approvers.

Communities attempting to define industry standards are susceptible to conflict between vendors or becoming primarily focused on a single vendor. The governance doc for this project limits membership of approvers to representatives of the COs. In order to be successful, CSI must remain vendor neutral and serve the needs of end users.

Ideas, however, should be generated, discussed, debated, and consensus achieved publicly within the community. Approvers should only have to step in or "overrule" when absolutely necessary (a vendor is clearly pushing a singularly beneficial agenda, two storage vendors strongly disagree, etc.).

Approvers Group Meetings

A CSI Approvers Group meeting is held every two weeks. Attendance is limited to the approvers as defined in the governance doc.

Approvers Mailing List

Approvers can be reached at container-storage-interface-approvers@googlegroups.com