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@saad-ali saad-ali released this 15 Nov 19:25
· 121 commits to master since this release

Breaking changes/Deprecations:

  • spec (PR #260): Change "reverse domain notation" requirement to "forward domain notation".
  • spec (PR #307): Remove SnapshotStatus enum; replace with ready_to_use boolean.
  • spec (PR #271): Add and change ValidateVolumeCapabilitiesRequest fields.
  • spec (PR #309): Remove deprecated NodeGetId method.
  • spec (PR #321): Bump csi protobuf package name to csi.v1.
  • spec (PR #331): Snapshot created_at changed to timestamp and renamed to creation_time.
  • spec (PR #328): GetPluginCapabilitiesResponse field number reordering.
  • spec (PR #328): ControllerGetCapabilitiesResponse field number reordering.
  • spec (PR #335): Specify that CO will only create the parent directory of target_path and SP is responsible for creating the directory or file at target_path and cleaning it up.


  • spec (PR #244): Initial support for volume cloning.
  • spec (PR #256): New NodeGetVolumeStats call to fetch volume usage and capacity.
  • spec (PR #310): Add capability for ControllerPublishVolume.readonly field.


  • spec (PR #318): Rename volume_attributes and publish_info to volume_context and publish_context.
  • spec (PR #318): Rename id to volume_id and snapshot_id in Volume and Snapshot messages.
  • spec (PR #318): Clarify ID (volume, snapshot, & node) requirements.
  • spec (PR #303): Disallow control characters in name fields.
  • spec (PR #317): Decorate sensitive fields with csi_secret.
  • spec (PR #296, PR #316): Revise common error codes.
  • spec (PR #260): Exclude underscores (_) from allowed characters list in plugin name and topology key prefix.
  • spec (PR #335): Clarify that CO is responsible for creating a directory at staging_target_path that SP may use for staging purposes.
  • spec (PR #323): Clarify timeout and retries.
  • spec (PR #322): Clarify CreateVolume: idempotent recovery from errors.
  • spec (PR #265): Clarify default scalar values tagged as REQUIRED or OPTIONAL.
  • spec (PR #312): Clarify expectations w/ respect to consistency when paging results of ListXYZ calls.
  • spec (PR #314, PR #315): Clarify VolumeCapability in CreateVolumeRequest and ControllerPUblishVolume.
  • spec (PR #308): Clarify expectations for NodeGetInfo
  • spec (PR #297): Clarify ListVolumes and ListSnapshots for consistency.
  • lib/go (PR #311): Strip "/vXYZ" from golang import path.
  • lib/go (PR #254): Protobuf bindings register fully qualified package root.