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@stevvooe stevvooe released this Dec 12, 2017 · 5432 commits to master since this release

Welcome to the v1.0.0 release of containerd!

containerd provides a daemon for managing running containers.

The new containerd is designed for use designed for use in container-based systems, like Docker and Kubernetes. It provides minimal abstractions over the operating system that gets out of the way.

A short list of differences from the 0.2 version of containerd follow:

  • New runtime model based on tasks and containers
  • Client-defined image push/pull, allows fully replaceable image distribution
  • End-to-end event system
  • Snapshot-based container storage system
  • Content-addressed image storage system
  • Arbitrary metadata storage for association with containerd objects
  • Extensive, namespaced GRPC API
  • Rich API Client (getting started and godoc).

You can read about the full details of the project in the README.

If you would like to try containerd, please download the binaries included on this release. If you are using Docker, you have already been using containerd since Docker 1.11. The next release of Docker, 17.12 CE Edge, will include this version of containerd. If you would like to use it with Kubernetes, a CRI implementation against containerd is available at cri-containerd.

The 1.0 release has been reached after 7 alphas, 4 betas, and 1 release candidate full of stability fixes, hardening, and API improvements. If you run into a new problems, please file an issue.

The support horizon for containerd has been updated to include the 1.0 release. With this release, the 0.2 release line is now moved to the "End of Life" state. No new releases on that branch will be made. The 1.0 release train will be considered an active branch with new patches until December 5, 2018 or when 1.1 is released.

As part the release of containerd 1.0, the governance model has been updated. The day to day management of the project is taken care of by the maintainers. The roles of chief maintainer and BDFL have been removed and a technical steering committee has been added as an escalation point when consensus cannot be reached among maintainers. See for details.

Please try out the release binaries and report any issues at


  • Michael Crosby
  • Stephen J Day
  • Derek McGowan
  • Kenfe-Mickaël Laventure
  • Akihiro Suda
  • Jess Valarezo
  • Phil Estes
  • Daniel Nephin
  • Ian Campbell
  • Kunal Kushwaha
  • Lantao Liu
  • Yanqiang Miao
  • Samuel Karp
  • Qiang Huang
  • Evan Hazlett
  • Justin Cormack
  • fate-grand-order
  • Vincent Batts
  • Tobias Klauser
  • Darren Stahl
  • Brian Goff
  • yanxuean
  • Lei Jitang
  • Arnaud Porterie
  • Tonis Tiigi
  • Sunny Gogoi
  • Antonio Murdaca
  • Allen Sun
  • Zhang Wei
  • yason
  • Krasi Georgiev
  • Gábor Lipták
  • Edward Pilatowicz
  • Daniel Dao
  • Volodymyr Burenin
  • unclejack
  • Tao Qingyun
  • Random-Liu
  • Patrick Chanezon
  • Mike Brown
  • kevinetc123
  • Federico Padua
  • Chris Aniszczyk
  • Alex Ellis
  • xiekeyang
  • Samuel Ortiz
  • Kir Kolyshkin
  • He Xiaoxi
  • Gianluca Arbezzano
  • CuiHaozhi
  • Christopher Jones
  • chchliang
  • Ace-Tang
  • Aaron.L.Xu
  • Zachary Adam Kaplan
  • yuexiao-wang
  • Wang Long
  • Victor Vieux
  • swapdisk
  • Sebastiaan van Stijn
  • sakeven
  • Roy Inganta Ginting
  • Ross Boucher
  • Robert Northard
  • rajasec
  • Ophir Sneh
  • Nick Santos
  • Mathieu Pasquet
  • Ma Shimiao
  • Liz Rice
  • Li Li
  • Leonids Maslovs
  • Kevin Swiber
  • Jovi Zhangwei
  • John Howard
  • Jizhong Jiang
  • Jacob Wen
  • Fabio Kung
  • Ed King
  • David Lyle
  • Davanum Srinivas
  • Daniel Zhang
  • bando-shintaro
  • Andrew Pennebaker
  • Alessandro Resta
  • Akim Demaille
  • Abhinandan Prativadi

Changes since v1.0.0-rc.0

  • 89623f2 Merge pull request #1879 from stevvooe/one-point-oh
  • 4d5c286 release: prepare 1.0.0
  • 40c67fd Merge pull request #1880 from AkihiroSuda/refactor-importer
  • 7e1bc9c Merge pull request #1874 from stevvooe/regexp-quoting-syntax
  • 2ff2a70 Merge pull request #1878 from jessvalarezo/docs-updates
  • 4dfcf60 filters: supporting alternative characters for quote
  • b284da3 docs: update BUILDING and README
  • 6340197 importer: refactor
  • a9caf9b Merge pull request #1877 from yanxuean/add-unmount-fail-error
  • 6a1ef90 Merge pull request #1876 from dmcgowan/fs-include-parent-directories
  • ba10e49 Emit unmodified change events for directories
  • 147d498 output error when unmount fail in diff.Apply
  • b77fa49 Merge pull request #1875 from jessvalarezo/docs-revamp
  • 2214a07 Merge pull request #1872 from estesp/manifest-list-push
  • 26012df add table of contents to readme
  • 68d4dfe Merge pull request #1870 from dnephin/fix-error-messages
  • 9570174 Merge pull request #1871 from dmcgowan/btrfs-usage
  • 4a662b2 Merge pull request #1873 from jessvalarezo/docs-readme
  • 350e815 docs: add cio import
  • 02661c7 Add more descriptive error on manifest list push
  • 3bc4e69 Implement btrfs usage
  • 0e03d77 Update snapshot storage error message
  • 617c63d Merge pull request #1864 from yanxuean/withSnapshotBucket
  • a6fad51 Merge pull request #1869 from Ace-Tang/cio-docs-fix
  • cc969fb Merge pull request #1868 from crosbymichael/unmount
  • a8b543f rmdir tmp dirs for rootfs mounts
  • b0ca685 Retry unmount on EBUSY and return errors
  • aca8e15 docs: fix usage of cio package in docs
  • e427fd6 Merge pull request #1866 from Random-Liu/lock-task-list
  • 71e42bf Lock task list properly.
  • db742c9 get wrong parents bucket in withSnapshotBucket
  • fe4e30c Merge pull request #1859 from dmcgowan/fix-snapshot-logs
  • 53c892d Merge pull request #1856 from crosbymichael/mountns
  • 026bf29 Merge pull request #1861 from jessvalarezo/images-err-2
  • 9657239 Merge pull request #1860 from stevvooe/ignore-not-found
  • 41ac9fa update images error
  • 0925a88 integration: ignore not found error on cleanup
  • 271836a Merge pull request #1858 from jessvalarezo/images-errors
  • e289432 Merge pull request #1857 from stevvooe/less-noise
  • b28d7cd Update snapshot and content related log messages
  • 8c55085 Merge pull request #1855 from stevvooe/update-ttrpc
  • fd2e3cd Remove mount namespace from shim
  • 1710fe9 cmd/ctr: move log messages to debug
  • 2b15951 update image error messages
  • f6df9f6 Merge pull request #1854 from yanxuean/overlay-prepare-rollback
  • 4b36430 vendor: update ttrpc to pull in euid change
  • 222156d Merge pull request #1847 from jessvalarezo/metadata-errors
  • b873ae8 metadata: update container error messages
  • bb02302 improve rollback for overlay.prepare
  • 38fdf9c Merge pull request #1846 from crosbymichael/service
  • 16a2177 Merge pull request #1852 from yanxuean/error-log
  • 4f1c0e0 improve error message
  • c9c36d4 Merge pull request #1849 from stevvooe/unix-socket-credentials
  • 2d966df cmd/containerd-shim: require unix socket credentials
  • efe9e28 Merge pull request #1850 from mlaventure/min-kern-version
  • 9d75920 Fix flexible kernel version
  • b009642 Add rlimits to service file

Dependency Changes since 1.0.0-rc.0

Previous release can be found at v1.0.0-rc.0

  • 8c92e22ce0c492875ccaac3ab06143a77d8ed0c1 -> 76e68349ad9ab4d03d764c713826d31216715e4f
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