@stevvooe stevvooe released this Jan 11, 2018 · 1216 commits to master since this release

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Welcome to the v1.0.1-rc.0 release of containerd!
This is a pre-release of containerd

This is the first patch release for containerd in the 1.0 series. Several
bugfixes surrounding tar, image handling, errant log messages and resource
management are present.

Note the daemon no longer shuts down when failing to adjust its own OOM score.
Instead, a warning will be issued.

Please try out the release binaries and report any issues at


  • Daniel Nephin
  • Derek McGowan
  • Jess Valarezo
  • Kenfe-Mickaël Laventure
  • Lantao Liu
  • Michael Crosby
  • Phil Estes
  • Stephen J Day


  • 1549dda Merge pull request #1998 from stevvooe/use-correct-version
  • ec0b96a release: use correct version number
  • 27cbd2a Merge pull request #1997 from stevvooe/release-1.0.1-rc.0
  • 5a09fd3 release: prepare v1.0.1-rc.0
  • 4cc882c Merge pull request #1996 from crosbymichael/bp-reaper
  • 8cfebc0 Merge pull request #1992 from stevvooe/backport-1982
  • 4acee3f Remove reaper from containerd daemon
  • 2d82842 services/tasks, linux: ignore shutdown tasks
  • fbc6de1 Merge pull request #1984 from stevvooe/backport-1981
  • 8b6cbcc vendor: update ttrpc for shutdown fix
  • 3cb6d73 Merge pull request #1988 from crosbymichael/content-lease
  • 9e50861 metadata: add content lease on existing content
  • edc72bb Merge pull request #1980 from dmcgowan/cherry-pick-fix-1723
  • 2e3f26f Revert "Emit unmodified change events for directories"
  • 0f1f8f6 Add parent directories to tar
  • eeef202 Fix parent directories not included in tar
  • c59bc7e Merge pull request #1954 from crosbymichael/cherry-diff
  • 70bc6db rootfs: remove upper snapshot after use
  • a1a9bda Merge pull request #1933 from crosbymichael/cherry-runc-bump
  • e643d8e Update runc to 7f24b40cc5423969b4554ef04ba0b00e2
  • 49540d6 Merge pull request #1929 from stevvooe/less-noise-build-1.0
  • e6798c7 Less verbose build output
  • 6c7abf7 Merge pull request #1918 from crosbymichael/cherry-pull-fix
  • 63e1963 Fix image pull after a failure
  • dba5fa0 Merge pull request #1913 from Random-Liu/cherry-pick-#1907
  • de5beee Fix containerd deadlock.
  • 2689c98 Merge pull request #1909 from estesp/backport-oom-warn-only
  • e5de8bd server: only warn on failed OOM score adjust

Dependency Changes

Previous release can be found at v1.0.0

  • 76e68349ad9ab4d03d764c713826d31216715e4f -> d2710463e497617f16f26d1e715a3308609e7982
  • 74a17296470088de3805e138d3d87c62e613dfc4 -> 7f24b40cc5423969b4554ef04ba0b00e2b4ba010