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@dmcgowan dmcgowan released this Feb 13, 2018 · 5632 commits to master since this release

Welcome to the v1.0.2 release of containerd!

This is the second patch release for containerd in the 1.0 series. There are several fixes to reduce memory usage and garbage collection pressure in the shim. The content store has a few fixes to address cases where download resumption wasn't working properly. The image store has fixes to be more efficient and to handle edge cases in the garbage collector. Less CPU will be used when collecting cgroup metrics.

The most critical fix addresses a hang in runc that can happen due to a race condition around FIFOs. Make sure to update your runc binary if you are affected. The fix is described in opencontainers/runc#1698. Make sure to update to the runc version in to ensure you are not affected.

In addition to the above, a few fixes for handling of layer files have been backported. #2063 addresses an issue where duplicate directory entries can land in a layer diff if both the metadata and a child entry are changed. #2103 where whiteout files for parent directories may be missing and a related diff bug #2127.

The license of the dependency BurntSushi/toml has been updated to an MIT license.

We also now ensure that the vendor directory contents are as expected.

Please try out the release binaries and report any issues at


  • Akihiro Suda
  • Daniel Nephin
  • Derek McGowan
  • Kenfe-Mickaël Laventure
  • Li Yi
  • Michael Crosby
  • Phil Estes
  • Stephen J Day


  • cfd0439 Merge pull request #2128 from dmcgowan/release-1.0.2-release-notes
  • a43eff6 release: prepare 1.0.2
  • b99bbe9 Merge pull request #2127 from dmcgowan/cherry-pick-2119
  • 84dc165 Ensure rmdir gets set for every directory
  • a8bf017 Add test for consecutive directory removal
  • 53aaa89 Merge pull request #2104 from stevvooe/prepare-1.0.2-rc.1
  • 7669929 release: prepare 1.0.2-rc.1
  • 37a05d4 Merge pull request #2110 from crosbymichael/release-onclose
  • d1d3fd0 Delete task on dead shim
  • 04b5f3f Set OnClose shim function
  • 4d0f40c Update ttrpc to d4528379866b0ce7e9d71f3eb96f0582fc
  • 6ddb0bd Merge pull request #2103 from dmcgowan/backport-1.0-2095
  • bed74e2 Fixes missing whiteout parent directories
  • 7193749 Merge pull request #2102 from dnephin/fix-vendor-validation
  • b9640ad Fix vendor.conf now that it is validated
  • 043828f Fix vendor validation
  • 5e1c6f6 Add a vendor check to CI
  • 309d3b3 Remove go install from Makefile
  • 04c223f Merge pull request #2101 from AkihiroSuda/remove-wtf-1.0
  • 4e2e564 vendor: update BurntSushi/toml for MIT license
  • 96df811 Merge pull request #2087 from crosbymichael/cherry-cgroups
  • 64f913d Bump cgroups to c0710c92e8b3a44681d1321dcfd1360fc5
  • 8b098d0 Merge pull request #2074 from stevvooe/prepare-1.0.2-rc.0
  • a67e9d2 release: prepare 1.0.2-rc.0
  • b17f5b8 Merge pull request #2077 from estesp/cherrypick-ensure-content-unique
  • 91c3b8b content/testsuite: pass context to hold lease
  • c910b47 content/testsuite: ensure unique content per test
  • 29a899b Merge pull request #2072 from dmcgowan/cherry-pick-content-discard
  • 45e7aa5 Update copy to discard over truncate
  • d7a0e70 Add resume content test cases
  • 3e89d82 Merge pull request #2063 from dmcgowan/cherry-pick-2054
  • 9016ae9 Merge pull request #2062 from stevvooe/cherry-pick-#2059
  • 5c21576 Fix duplicate directories entries on metadata change
  • af4455b vendor: update go-runc to reduce gc pressure
  • c10ef55 Merge pull request #2057 from stevvooe/cherry-pick-#2056
  • 3f98e5d Merge pull request #2058 from stevvooe/cherry-pick-#2055
  • f042dc5 cmd/containerd-shim: aggressive memory reclamation
  • 8cf32d3 cmd/containerd-shim, reaper: reduce channel allocation
  • 0f46dd5 Merge pull request #2051 from stevvooe/cherry-pick-#2036
  • 367eddb archive, cio, cmd, linux: use buffer pools
  • a4837f3 Merge pull request #2050 from crosbymichael/bump-runc-r
  • 852f989 Update runc to 9f9c96235cc97674e935002fc3d78361b69
  • 383a6de Merge pull request #2034 from estesp/cherrypick-npe-fix
  • a03fb1b Fix NPE in dialer
  • d2179c2 Merge pull request #2018 from dmcgowan/cherry-pick-image-removal-gc
  • d04746b Update metadata image store to be initialized once
  • 5a67161 Update namespace empty check to use buckets

Dependency Changes

Previous release can be found at v1.0.1

  • 29da22c6171a4316169f9205ab6c49f59b5b852f -> c0710c92e8b3a44681d1321dcfd1360fc5c6c089
  • d2710463e497617f16f26d1e715a3308609e7982 -> d4528379866b0ce7e9d71f3eb96f0582fc374577
  • ed1cbe1fc31f5fb2359d3a54b6330d1a097858b7 -> 4f6e87ae043f859a38255247b49c9abc262d002f
  • 7f24b40cc5423969b4554ef04ba0b00e2b4ba010 -> 9f9c96235cc97674e935002fc3d78361b696a69e
  • v0.2.0-21-g9906417 -> a368813c5e648fee92e5f6c30e3944ff9d5e8895
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