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containerd 1.0.3

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@stevvooe stevvooe released this 02 Apr 20:38
· 9761 commits to main since this release

Welcome to the v1.0.3 release of containerd!

This is the third patch release for containerd in the 1.0 series. It includes a few small but impactful fixes.

This contains a mitigation for problems with healthchecks described in moby/moby#36661. We now timeout the FIFO creation to avoid deadlocks in the containerd-shim.

Please see the changelog for full details.

Please try out the release binaries and report any issues at


  • Akihiro Suda
  • Derek McGowan
  • Ian Campbell
  • Justin Cormack
  • Kenfe-Mickael Laventure
  • Michael Crosby
  • Phil Estes
  • Stephen Day
  • Yanqiang Miao


  • 773c489 Merge pull request #2264 from stevvooe/prepare-1.0.3
  • a1debc7 release: prepare 1.0.3 release
  • 6db03b7 Merge pull request #2260 from stevvooe/cherry-pick-#2258
  • 8386ef2 Fix typo in CreateUnixSocket error message
  • 46a104a Merge pull request #2256 from stevvooe/cherry-pick-#2255
  • 34b7c1d Return a better error message is unix socket path is too long.
  • 51cf56f Merge pull request #2248 from stevvooe/cherry-pick-#2241
  • 69c2686 The set of bounding capabilities is the largest group
  • 2b3b44f Merge pull request #2242 from stevvooe/prepare-1.0.3-rc.0
  • 3a9d193 release: prepare 1.0.3-rc.0
  • 62aad0e Merge pull request #2247 from estesp/fix-typeurl-typo
  • 2f27d47 Fix typo in metadata test typeurl string
  • 386b4e9 Merge pull request #2240 from dmcgowan/backport-fix-uncompressed-label
  • 457c658 Fix label being put on snapshot instead of content
  • bde0036 Merge pull request #2234 from AkihiroSuda/cherry-pick-2221
  • eaee9f5 content/testsuite: include small blob test in standard suite
  • abef389 services/content: fix reading a blob which is smaller than the read buffer.
  • 21e89eb Merge pull request #2232 from stevvooe/cherry-pick-#2229
  • d235ae9 linux/prox: timeout fifo creation
  • a609ec4 Merge pull request #2224 from dmcgowan/backport-archive-gc-fixes
  • 3d34cc0 Fixes a default config bug of gc scheduler
  • d77d4ba Add ignore socket test
  • 6f0d280 Ignore sockets when creating a tar stream of a layer
  • c0f92dd Merge pull request #2198 from estesp/vendor-cgroups-update-1.0
  • d2c460c Merge pull request #2194 from kunalkushwaha/cherry-pick-runtime-root
  • 5f0a37c Update cgroups vendor for licenses/bug fix
  • ee089eb linux: fix runtime-root propagation
  • 6646106 linux: propagate --runtime-root to shim properly
  • 9b4bbcc Merge pull request #2191 from stevvooe/cherry-pick-#2190
  • d7069a5 vendor: update btrfs dependency
  • 015bdb7 Merge pull request #2188 from crosbymichael/sigpiper
  • 592af93 Handle SIGPIPE in shims
  • d18de62 Merge pull request #2179 from AkihiroSuda/userns-mknod-1.0
  • a3372da archive: fix logic for skipping mknod when running in userns

Dependency Changes

Previous release can be found at v1.0.2

  • c0710c9 -> fe281dd265766145e943a034aa41086474ea6130
  • cc52c4dea2ce11a44e6639e561bb5c2af9ada9e3 -> 2e1aa0ddf94f91fa282b6ed87c23bf0d64911244