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Welcome to the v1.1.0-rc.0 release of containerd!
This is a pre-release of containerd

containerd provides a daemon for managing running containers.

1.1 is the second major release for containerd with added support for CRI, the
Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface.
CRI is a new plugin which allows connecting the containerd daemon directly to a
Kubernetes kubelet to be used as the container runtime. The CRI GRPC interface
listens on the same socket as the containerd GRPC interface and runs in the same

In addition to all of the stability and bug fixes backported to 1.0,
1.1 includes...

  • CRI plugin
  • ZFS and AUFS snapshotter
  • Improvements to the ctr tool
  • Better support for multiple platforms
  • Cross namespace content sharing
  • Better mount cleanup
  • Support for disabling plugins
  • TCP debug address for remote debugging
  • Update to Go 1.10
  • Improvements to the garbage collector

CRI Plugin

This release of cri is a native plugin of containerd. It is built into
containerd v1.1 and CRI services are enabled by default.

You can now use Kubernetes, with containerd directly, without having to use
the intermediate cri-containerd daemon. The cri-containerd daemon is

Note: Please drain your node before
upgrading from older versions of cri-containerd to containerd v1.1.

You can use a containerd config file to configure the cri plugin.

Untrusted Workload Runtime

To run an untrusted pod on a runtime for untrusted workload, such as
Kata Containers or
Clear Containers, you can:

  1. Configure a runtime for untrusted workload with the config option plugins.cri.containerd.untrusted_workload_runtime.
  2. Create an untrusted pod by setting the annotation io.kubernetes.cri.untrusted-workload to "true", for example:
apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: nginx
    io.kubernetes.cri.untrusted-workload: "true"
  - name: nginx
    image: nginx

By default, cri will run pods with the default runtime. However, if a pod has
the io.kubernetes.cri.untrusted-workload annotation, the cri plugin will run
the pod with the runtime for untrusted workloads.

Unless configured otherwise, the default runtime is set to

Container Runtime Interface v1alpha2

The supported CRI (Container Runtime Interface) version for Kubernetes v1.10 is
now v1alpha2. This release of cri has been updated to use CRI v1alpha2, so
it only works with Kubernetes v1.10+.

New CRI features added in v1alpha2 are all supported:

  • Container log rotation: Kubelet rotates container logs.
  • Shared pid namespace: Support sharing pid namespace inside a pod.

Registry Mirror

You can now setup registry configurations with the config option

Currently only the mirrors option is supported. With it, you can specify
registry mirrors and secure/insecure connections.

End-To-End Test

In terms of testing, we've passed:

  • ALL CRI validation tests
  • ALL node e2e tests
  • ALL e2e tests

The containerd test coverage on GCE is equivalent with Docker now.

All the test results are public:


We significantly improved pod start latency and cpu/memory usage of cri plugin
this release.

The continuous benchmark result is published on
Job ci-kubernetes-node-kubelet-benchmark is for Docker 17.03, and
ci-cri-containerd-node-e2e-benchmark is for containerd with cri plugin.

All metrics of containerd are either better or comparable with Docker 17.03.

Try It Out

If you would like to try containerd, please download the binaries included on
this release. If you are using Docker, this version of containerd will be used
in the next major release of Docker.

To set up containerd with Kubernetes...

  • For a production quality cluster on GCE brought up with, see here.
  • For a multi-node cluster installer and bring up steps using ansible and kubeadm, see here.
  • For creating a cluster from scratch on Google Cloud, see Kubernetes the Hard Way.
  • For a custom installation from release tarball, see here.
  • To install use LinuxKit on a local VM, see here.


The support horizon
for containerd has been updated to include the 1.1 release. With the addition of
the CRI plugin, we are expanding the support horizon for 1.1 to include the
entire lifespan of Kubernetes 1.10. The containerd 1.1 release train will be
considered an active branch with new patches until March 23, 2019 at the
earliest, when 1.2 is released, or until Kubernetes 1.10 reaches end of life.
The 1.1 containerd API is completely compatible with 1.0, any client using 1.0
can safely upgrade to 1.1 without any incompatibilies. The CRI interface
included with the CRI plugin is only supported for Kubernetes 1.10. The CRI
interface is still considered alpha and will only be supported for Kubernetes
1.10. The CRI plugin in containerd 1.1 will also only be supported for
Kubernetes 1.10.

Please try out the release binaries and report any issues at


  • Lantao Liu
  • Michael Crosby
  • Mike Brown
  • Phil Estes
  • Stephen J Day
  • Derek McGowan
  • Abhinandan Prativadi
  • Yanqiang Miao
  • Daniel Nephin
  • yanxuean
  • Akihiro Suda
  • Kenfe-Mickaël Laventure
  • Ian Campbell
  • Darren Stahl
  • yason
  • Kunal Kushwaha
  • Jess Valarezo
  • Brian Goff
  • Wei Chen
  • Sebastiaan van Stijn
  • Luke Chen
  • Jose Carlos Venegas Munoz
  • Hao Zhang
  • Christopher Jones
  • Xianglin Gao
  • Lucas Molas
  • Chris Aniszczyk
  • Justin Cormack
  • Christopher M. Luciano
  • mozhuli
  • Mohammad Asif Siddiqui
  • Micheal Waltz
  • Edgar Lee
  • Aaron Crickenberger
  • Yu-Ju Hong
  • Yongkun Anfernee Gui
  • YaoZengzeng
  • Wei Wei
  • weekface
  • Trevor Porter
  • Tom Godkin
  • Sarah Novotny
  • Ruediger Maass
  • Robin Winkelewski
  • Paul Knopf
  • Nitesh Konkar
  • Nikhita Raghunath
  • mozhulee
  • Michael Hamrah
  • Malepati Bala Siva Sai Akhil
  • Li Yi
  • Kir Kolyshkin
  • Jess Frazelle
  • Jamie Zhuang
  • Eli Uriegas
  • Dan Kohn
  • Daniel, Dao Quang Minh
  • Cody Roseborough
  • Christy Perez
  • Antoine Huret


  • 7833fb4 Merge pull request #2225 from dmcgowan/prepare-1.1.0-rc0
  • 92198a6 Prepare 1.1.0-rc.0 release
  • ea37521 Merge pull request #2233 from Random-Liu/update-cri
  • 74e45c0 Update cri validation test version.
  • 8958b48 Update to cri v1.0.0-rc.0
  • 2aa2aec Merge pull request #2229 from stevvooe/timeout-fifo-creation
  • ad6d02b Merge pull request #2221 from AkihiroSuda/content-small-blob
  • a76f230 content/testsuite: include small blob test in standard suite
  • a0c1abb Merge pull request #2228 from stevvooe/allow-configuration-msg-size
  • acc7129 server: allow configuration default send/recv message sizes
  • 9754696 linux/prox: timeout fifo creation
  • 8a7e17e Merge pull request #2227 from stevvooe/include-aufs-default
  • ab8e05a cmd/containerd: include aufs by default
  • 3e8e9d3 Merge pull request #2223 from dmcgowan/with-lease-context
  • 7b323b1 services/content: fix reading a blob which is smaller than the read buffer.
  • 382b313 Merge pull request #2222 from ijc/ignore-sockets-in-archiver
  • 43d0a5c Pass in context to lease done function in client
  • 07dfb03 Merge pull request #2220 from stevvooe/redundant-pkg-name
  • 804249c Merge pull request #2214 from miaoyq/fixes-config-bug
  • 9b111bd Add ignore socket test
  • 903ee88 cmd/ctr/app: remove redundant package name
  • 2ec3382 Ignore sockets when creating a tar stream of a layer
  • 9304193 Merge pull request #2219 from dmcgowan/fix-lock-on-schema1-configs
  • 5304ef2 Add writer open helper to handle unavailable refs
  • d465f85 Fixes a default config bug of gc scheduler
  • 4c8bbb5 Merge pull request #2216 from crosbymichael/task-id
  • 9b9a0ac Add task.ID() API
  • f5d7bfb Merge pull request #2213 from crosbymichael/runc
  • 3c1ef1a Merge pull request #2212 from dmcgowan/fix-overlay-cleanup-race
  • f117459 Bump runc to 69663f0bd4b60df09991c08812a60108003fa
  • ee84187 Merge pull request #2096 from stevvooe/include-zfs-by-default
  • a0b818e Merge pull request #2200 from jessvalarezo/multiarch-pulls
  • 94cf25f overlay: fix cleanup directory deletion race
  • f4113a9 containerd: include zfs plugin by default
  • b307df2 Merge pull request #2207 from jessvalarezo/ctr-task-d-update
  • 1a930e5 Merge pull request #2175 from Random-Liu/plugin-cri-cli
  • 8fc382c Merge pull request #2208 from jessvalarezo/windows-runtime-platform
  • ea6a10c Add cri subcommand and add ctr/command package
  • 9460f94 Update containerd/cri to 0c876040681ebe8a291fa2cebefdcc2796fa3fc8
  • 54a4606 windows: define platform in runtime plugin init
  • e343006 ctr: allow for force kill when deleting task process
  • 6b01099 Merge pull request #2206 from stevvooe/images-alias
  • 220a479 Merge pull request #1833 from dmcgowan/snapshot-gc-3rd-phase
  • ae11d8c cmd/ctr/images: add i alias for images command
  • c3cf3d7 allow content to be pulled for specific platform(s), all platforms
  • b3b95c0 Merge pull request #2154 from dmcgowan/shared-content-ingests
  • 3013762 Merge pull request #2203 from Random-Liu/support-in-process-integration
  • 23ccbdd Merge pull request #2159 from AkihiroSuda/check-overlay
  • 1128b3d Add service plugin and support in process integration.
  • ba93435 Temporary cri-containerd change
  • edf7f41 Merge pull request #2199 from estesp/vndr-cgroups-fix-licenses
  • e38b2bb Update cgroups vendor for license headers/bug fix
  • 4452490 Merge pull request #2197 from crosbymichael/deps
  • 1793820 Update containerd deps
  • 5447179 Merge pull request #2192 from kunalkushwaha/update-readme-ltag
  • 224ecf0 Adds note about applying license header
  • 856ea51 Merge pull request #2182 from AkihiroSuda/shimtest
  • 77a5804 Merge pull request #2178 from kunalkushwaha/file-header-ci-check
  • 5368984 Merge pull request #2160 from ijc/ctr-run-unpack
  • db1630d Merge pull request #2190 from stevvooe/vendor-update-btrfs
  • 23751c9 vendor: update btrfs dependency
  • d086e56 Merge pull request #2187 from crosbymichael/sigpipe
  • 1eabab3 Handle SIGPIPE in shims
  • 5cc915c overlay: add Supported() checker
  • f040e6a CI check for file-header added file-header check using
  • 2b6b99b Merge pull request #2184 from kunalkushwaha/oci-error
  • a1b511f Merge pull request #2177 from crosbymichael/file-io
  • 142ecdd Merge pull request #2180 from AkihiroSuda/fix-ctr-c-create-unix
  • 0551328 ctr: add UNIX-specific flags to ctr c create
  • 125fdef linux: fix runtime-root propagation
  • 6ed4e9e better image config parse error. compatible oci runtime version printed with parse error
  • 3491b9e Copyright header added
  • e6a3dd3 Merge pull request #2171 from ruediger-maass/resolver401
  • fd6335f Merge pull request #2163 from AkihiroSuda/userns-mknod
  • c553882 Refactor shim to support file logging
  • 949ddba Merge pull request #2168 from estesp/update-go-vers
  • b3a4e63 Merge pull request #2173 from AkihiroSuda/fix-shim-runtime-root
  • faf2781 linux: propagate --runtime-root to shim properly
  • 373f1e5 Adds handling of 401 for POST /v2/token without authentication
  • 6aa612d Update recommended versions to Go 1.10
  • f334749 Merge pull request #2165 from jessvalarezo/platforms-parse
  • c3971b1 Merge pull request #2164 from crosbymichael/density
  • ac80084 update platforms Parse to return platform spec, decouple matcher
  • a2ef695 Add density stress test
  • fd2e1f6 Merge pull request #2162 from stevvooe/use-go1.10
  • fffc111 archive: fix logic for skipping mknod when running in userns
  • 25c4034 Merge pull request #2151 from Random-Liu/fix-load-task
  • 9cdd036 build: bump to Go 1.10
  • 4ac4fd0 Close io after task deletion to avoid race condition.
  • 0273e97 Merge pull request #2161 from IRCody/cio_panic
  • 0b86dfb Merge pull request #2156 from Random-Liu/update-cri-containerd
  • 4c903c3 Update critools and run critest in parallel.
  • 4c5ebfe Fix panics in cio/io_unix.go
  • f48cc7d ctr: unpack the image on run if necessary
  • ad04781 Update cri-containerd to 5bd99af
  • 5bd99af Merge pull request #2097 from Random-Liu/vendor-cri-plugin
  • a1a6789 Shared content across namespaces
  • b3aeba7 Allow test runners to wrap contexts
  • 9463fcb Merge pull request #2152 from cpuguy83/remove_useless_log
  • c520ac5 Remove erroneous log message
  • 3b4fcf7 Merge pull request #2112 from crosbymichael/temp-mounts
  • fc87dce Merge pull request #2149 from crosbymichael/reconnect
  • 7b653dc Add client.Reconnect API
  • 255ad41 Merge pull request #2008 from thaJeztah/bump-golang-to-1.10
  • b17bcb7 Regenerate protos with Go 1.10, and make check conditional
  • 931000c Bump to Go 1.10
  • 916cdb4 Merge pull request #2147 from darrenstahlmsft/RemoveServicing
  • 56ebee8 Merge pull request #2146 from crosbymichael/pid-file
  • 243467a Removing Windows servicing containers
  • d3a8055 Add --pid-file to ctr
  • 1291671 Merge pull request #2108 from kunalkushwaha/license-header
  • 5a86e83 Merge pull request #2142 from seemethere/update_continuity
  • b12c321 Licence header added
  • 735114f Update continuity vendor to d8fb85
  • fa91b90 Update vendors.
  • 809a99a Vendor cri plugin and add critest
  • 6a50dca Merge pull request #2141 from estesp/with-linuxns
  • e4e53bf Add --with-ns flag to ctr run/create
  • ea58933 Merge pull request #2132 from tophj-ibm/lower-mkfs-size
  • 1392ad2 Merge pull request #2139 from estesp/godoc-typo
  • 849fed0 Merge pull request #2137 from tophj-ibm/bump-go-version
  • 8043f26 [contrib] bump golang
  • 18be821 Clean up client Subscribe docs; remove a typo
  • 6e37011 [testing] use smaller filesize on 4KB pagesize systems
  • aa82d17 Merge pull request #2079 from estesp/man-pages
  • 8f183b5 Add basic manpages for ctr, containerd, containerd-config
  • b2ec177 Call temp mounts and unmount in containerd server
  • bc974a7 Create temp mount location manager
  • 002caba Merge pull request #2131 from AkihiroSuda/split-pkg-cmd-containerd-2
  • d7280ce cmd/containerd: split package for cli.App
  • af593cf Merge pull request #2130 from justincormack/environmnet
  • eab5d87 Fix typo in variable name
  • dd920d9 Merge pull request #2125 from estesp/website-update
  • efb813f Merge pull request #2126 from dmcgowan/fix-2119
  • a929f9c Add further updates for website refresh
  • ca3eb74 Update continuity vendor
  • 2a2c8aa Add test for consecutive directory removal
  • 43b655b Link Docker release notes for containerd version
  • 38ef0b6 Updates to index page
  • 7022a19 Merge pull request #2024 from dnephin/replace-testify
  • 2cd6b83 Merge pull request #2123 from BooleanCat/master
  • 3279acc Check timestamps in snapshot storage test suite
  • 37aa41b Cleanup after migration
  • ef48a02 Migrate to gotestyourself/assert
  • 1719a6e Vendor gotestyourself
  • 19e9e16 Fix typo in docs
  • 5471ba9 Merge pull request #2117 from dmcgowan/update-fetch-handlers
  • 944a9ad Update fetch handling
  • d3a7a92 Merge pull request #2118 from AkihiroSuda/narrower-interface
  • ee70879 *: use narrower content interfaces
  • ee6ffdd Merge pull request #2116 from crosbymichael/bump-runc
  • 57011c5 Merge pull request #2114 from crosbymichael/stress-errors
  • 5ae204f Merge pull request #2115 from justincormack/fallthrough
  • 73837b1 Update runc to a618ab5a0186905949ee463dbb762c3d23e
  • 35be3d5 Remove a really confusing fallthrough
  • 80e6bbf Merge pull request #2113 from cpuguy83/use_continuity_copy
  • e68bdbe Capture more error locations during stress tests
  • c776b6d Use continuity fs package
  • f12ba24 Merge pull request #2111 from Random-Liu/fix-trace-level
  • 85a66da Merge pull request #2105 from Random-Liu/support-disable-plugins
  • f2c585a Fix trace level support.
  • eee592c Support disable plugins.
  • 424c0fb Merge pull request #2075 from hinshun/converter-mediatypes
  • 0d9995e Merge pull request #2109 from crosbymichael/onclose
  • 95d4f53 Delete task on dead shim
  • e92c913 Merge pull request #2106 from Random-Liu/add-trace-level-support
  • 87d15a5 Set OnClose shim function
  • 9745a4d Update ttrpc to d4528379866b0ce7e9d71f3eb96f0582fc
  • 050ff32 Support trace level.
  • aa49e70 Merge pull request #2095 from dmcgowan/fix-whiteout-parent-directories
  • 1a4f609 Merge pull request #2098 from dankohn/master
  • 48d27e4 Change name of LICENSE
  • ae3c72c Merge pull request #2099 from tkporter/master
  • 78bd07a Merge pull request #1746 from AkihiroSuda/split-differ-interface
  • 13733b6 Merge pull request #2100 from kunalkushwaha/testsuite-typo-fix
  • 549ec7b Merge pull request #2091 from crosbymichael/shim-size
  • 1d6047a Testcase name corrected
  • d994d08 Add time type conversion for 32bit Unix platforms
  • d778dd1 Fixes missing whiteout parent directories
  • 83cf371 Merge pull request #2090 from AkihiroSuda/remove-wtf
  • 254807d Merge pull request #2092 from dnephin/fix-vendor-validation
  • 2125d8e Fix vendor validation
  • 8ee29a1 Bump gc threshold to 40%
  • 36a2deb vendor: update BurntSushi/toml for MIT license
  • 44f6bc4 Merge pull request #2088 from stevvooe/update-toml
  • 85678e1 vendor: update BurntSushi/toml for MIT license
  • 1fd2b57 Add overlay options for making cleanup asynchronous
  • db78450 Remove grpclogger from log package
  • ea00fc7 Remove protobuf for mount in shim
  • ba61af6 Merge pull request #2086 from crosbymichael/bump-cgroups
  • 5915c9a Bump cgroups to c0710c92e8b3a44681d1321dcfd1360fc5
  • 7e1d8aa Merge pull request #1957 from tophj-ibm/check-for-mounts-tests
  • 34e2499 Merge pull request #2081 from crosbymichael/debug
  • ec14a97 Merge pull request #2080 from crosbymichael/metrics
  • 6570c97 Merge pull request #2084 from Random-Liu/simplify-mount-lookup
  • 1f55872 Merge pull request #2082 from hinshun/refactor-client-push
  • d0779a6 Simplify mount.Lookup.
  • e53cdc9 Refactor client push into helper function
  • d2f073c Add converter options to convert schema1 manifest to docker schema2 manifest
  • 55aa0b4 Don't enable debug endpoints in default config
  • 98b53e0 Allow tcp debug address
  • 7615153 Update prometheus client and go-metrics
  • fc1913a Add capability to build manpages from markdown
  • 14d402e Add overlay cleanup
  • f65cdc1 Use protobuf and runc setup scripts in .travis.yml
  • a8c5ff5 Cleanup loop devices after test failure
  • 051ac5d running tests in a container
  • eed3b1c Merge pull request #2076 from stevvooe/content-testsuite-unique-seed
  • 3295bca content/testsuite: pass context to hold lease
  • c517a00 content/testsuite: ensure unique content per test
  • 5f89502 Merge pull request #1790 from jessvalarezo/ctr-c-create
  • 0c07626 Merge pull request #2073 from crosbymichael/revert-json
  • 2f06259 Revert "Add to vendor"
  • d179c61 Revert "Use jsoniteer for faster json encoding/decoding"
  • c6a7d10 Merge pull request #2065 from dmcgowan/content-discard-over-truncate
  • b763777 diff: rename differ to comparer
  • ec15fe9 Merge pull request #2068 from crosbymichael/json
  • c024da2 Fix vendor exclude
  • 4233b87 Use jsoniteer for faster json encoding/decoding
  • 43a9473 Add to vendor
  • c71595f Merge pull request #2067 from crosbymichael/all-caps
  • a12f493 Update copy to discard over truncate
  • 02d737f Add resume content test cases
  • 4e27c4d Add WithAllCapabilities as spec opt
  • 8f75d65 Add syndtr/gocapability to vendor
  • fc63a6c Merge pull request #2066 from estesp/error-no-image
  • d4fb070 Add error return for missing params in ctr images
  • 2c9ce2e ctr: add container create, config flag for spec
  • b580441 diff: resplit Applier from Differ
  • b268261 Merge pull request #2059 from stevvooe/update-go-runc
  • 2448ae6 Merge pull request #2054 from dmcgowan/fix-duplicate-tar-file
  • 7e44035 Merge pull request #1969 from darrenstahlmsft/WindowsSnapshotter5
  • f534a20 vendor: update go-runc to reduce gc pressure
  • 3fcc52b Merge pull request #2055 from stevvooe/aggressive-memory-shim
  • 9dd56e0 Merge pull request #2056 from stevvooe/reduce-channel-size
  • 71e9f6d cmd/containerd-shim, reaper: reduce channel allocation
  • 0e8f084 cmd/containerd-shim: aggressive memory reclamation
  • dfadd8c Fix duplicate directories entries on metadata change
  • 8d32d9e Merge pull request #2052 from darrenstahlmsft/PullDenied
  • f404331 ctr: print error when pull auth fails
  • 95a0b3a Refactor checking for compressed diff type
  • e6280a7 Enable integration tests on Windows using snapshotter and differ
  • acf2087 Error on no rootfs provided
  • e981cc6 Do not create new layer for View
  • dcff993 Update Windows runtime to use snapshotter and differ layers
  • a5a9f91 Implement Windows snapshotter and differ
  • 12eaf13 Merge pull request #2045 from Random-Liu/add-closer
  • d8f87a5 Add Closer in plugin.
  • d7efcbc Merge pull request #2036 from stevvooe/use-buffer-pools
  • ef485c8 Merge pull request #2049 from dnephin/fix-errorf-return
  • 410db39 Merge pull request #2048 from crosbymichael/bump-runc
  • 1cd32fa Cleanup extra returns in tests
  • cee56a1 Merge pull request #2047 from estesp/use-libcontainer-subreaper-api
  • f47f6af Remove unnecessary subreaper API from sys/
  • 8dfbd59 Update runc to 9f9c96235cc97674e935002fc3d78361b69
  • dc5964c Merge pull request #2037 from pauldotknopf/master
  • cd72819 archive, cio, cmd, linux: use buffer pools
  • 933979b Merge pull request #2041 from estesp/trim-add-go-issue-link
  • b4c3cd7 Add WithEnv and WithMount oci options
  • e78c77f Add Golang issue link re: -trimpath to Makefile
  • e9432a7 Merge pull request #2021 from kunalkushwaha/trimpath
  • 352178a Merge pull request #2035 from stevvooe/makefile-ordering
  • fe5da18 Makefile: ensure that containerd-shim gets added when installing
  • e5740ca Merge pull request #2007 from AkihiroSuda/cio-fifo-path
  • 4812f4b Merge pull request #2030 from Random-Liu/print-plugin-default-config
  • ad4f265 trim code path in stack trace.
  • d5aa765 Merge pull request #2032 from crosbymichael/stress-exec
  • 3d6fe5a Print default plugin config.
  • 94602ae Add execs to stress tests
  • 823d339 Merge pull request #2023 from crosbymichael/exec-state
  • 2a73026 Add Exec to process states
  • ba84c5f Merge pull request #2019 from stevvooe/remove-log-modules
  • 5cab90d log: remove log "module" system
  • e1321c5 Merge pull request #2022 from denverdino/master
  • adfa9a2 Fix NPE in dialer
  • 507a149 cio: add WithFIFODir opt
  • acc6011 Merge pull request #1960 from dmcgowan/images-removal-dirty
  • 80fc1f2 Merge pull request #2011 from darrenstahlmsft/ResolveErrors
  • 1338a4f Provide better error context on resolve failures
  • 8c4219d Merge pull request #2014 from crosbymichael/issue-template
  • bd8ab79 Add github issue template
  • aaf930e Merge pull request #2009 from crosbymichael/user-path
  • 901a906 Merge pull request #2012 from darrenstahlmsft/HostVersion
  • baa5c8c Print host version in appveyor setup steps
  • 1f5ce14 Support getting uid/gid from rootfs path
  • 5b04294 Refactor get uid/gid from path
  • bbb5b2f Merge pull request #2001 from dmcgowan/fix-whiteout-rootpath
  • 384d46d archive: check whiteout path before removal
  • d3292d9 Merge pull request #2002 from cpuguy83/fs_check_target_stat
  • 4a6e297 Merge pull request #1994 from AkihiroSuda/fix-user
  • 1645d84 oci: simplify WithImageConfig
  • b99dc56 oci: add TODO comments
  • 369d7c9 oci: fix err variable scope
  • e0f8fb4 copyFileInfo: do not err on chown if uid/gid match
  • 1167035 ctr: promote cOpts over opts, as oci.WithImageConfig requires snapshot
  • 90553ef Merge pull request #1989 from crosbymichael/reaper
  • bf0236b Merge pull request #1991 from dnephin/fix-progress-panic
  • 0b449a4 Merge pull request #1982 from stevvooe/deletion-race-handling
  • c80ca4f services/tasks, linux: ignore shutdown tasks
  • 8db626e Dont clear lines if the console width is unavailable
  • c4b1684 Use a default width of 80
  • 9f5182f Remove reaper from containerd daemon
  • c602b85 Merge pull request #1987 from schomatis/revert-1937-add-native-build-i-option
  • 5fd9904 Revert "Add go build option '-i' only for native builds"
  • 45fbc3b Merge pull request #1975 from dnephin/add-unconvert-linter
  • 787e1a2 Merge pull request #1970 from dmcgowan/lease-add-on-writer
  • 723196b Merge pull request #1981 from stevvooe/update-ttrpc-closed
  • 87cb12d vendor: update ttrpc for shutdown fix
  • 29ddd3d Merge pull request #1931 from dmcgowan/tar-diff-include-parent-dirs
  • 184bc25 Add unconvert linter
  • 0d8b093 metadata: add content lease on existing content
  • 50a6c62 Merge pull request #1977 from dnephin/add-vendor-validation
  • 315084f Add a vendor check to CI
  • b5204b7 Merge pull request #1978 from mlaventure/ctr-no-pivot-root
  • 2fb85c6 Merge pull request #1979 from crosbymichael/badge
  • 0cc79a6 Add no-pivot flag to ctr
  • f6f0e25 Add CCI badge for containerd
  • b509e78 Merge pull request #1976 from dnephin/move-dco-validation-out-of-makefile
  • ebbcece Remove DCO check from makefile, move to .travis.yml
  • 1df6287 Merge pull request #1968 from dmcgowan/mount-temp-dir-error-cleanup
  • aa68494 Merge pull request #1972 from weekface/master
  • 284860d Fix some wrong links
  • dfd7ee1 Clean up error logs and messages in temp mount
  • 632f78a Merge pull request #1967 from crosbymichael/grpc-timing
  • 89fa154 Update metadata image store to be initialized once
  • 5a54862 Update namespace empty check to use buckets
  • fd29dbe Enable grpc timing histograms
  • 002c0e2 Merge pull request #1887 from yanxuean/unmount-remove
  • e892671 Merge pull request #1965 from crosbymichael/hold-state-lock
  • cb58bb8 solve incorrect unmount
  • 2b29a92 Hold shim lock during state
  • 8b6909f Merge pull request #1964 from stevvooe/remove-silly-makefile-stuff
  • 7688af6 Merge pull request #1963 from crosbymichael/cri-maintainers
  • 1c8911b Makefile: no need to calculate GOOS
  • ab7150f Merge pull request #1959 from containerd/netlify-config
  • b12e579 Force ruby version for docs build
  • c090864 Merge pull request #1958 from crosbymichael/roadmap
  • 88685b0 Update with issue labels and milestones
  • 121a086 Add cri-containerd reviewers
  • 18ed54e Add cri-containerd maintainers
  • 5b931ca Merge pull request #1941 from crosbymichael/reviewers
  • fea2c38 Add build config for jekyll + netlify
  • eeb5ea8 Create CNAME
  • 1a0c7ee Merge pull request #1955 from containerd/fix-website
  • 00ad7fe Fix website rendering via gh-pages
  • a85b1f8 Merge pull request #1956 from dnephin/use-clockwork-for-testing-gc
  • 06edd19 Small refactor of gc/scheduler to remove import of metadata
  • 4e755ad Merge pull request #1947 from jessvalarezo/ctr-snapshot-diff
  • 556c46d Merge pull request #1953 from jessvalarezo/diff-key-bug
  • 1d896a8 Merge pull request #1575 from Weichen81/arm-multi-arch
  • 5bc0c43 rootfs: remove upper snapshot after use
  • 625eb5e ctr: snapshots diff command
  • fdc9840 Revert "Emit unmodified change events for directories"
  • c9dd974 Add parent directories to tar
  • e479165 Merge pull request #1903 from darrenstahlmsft/ArchiveOpts
  • d8cf1f5 Merge pull request #1945 from dmcgowan/nanosecond-time-and
  • 3fa104f Merge pull request #1930 from crosbymichael/proc-exists
  • 88d59d3 Update nanosecond diff comparison
  • ab30079 Add @dnephin and @jessvalarezo as reviewers
  • 33bc250 Add concept of a review to containerd
  • c6b8e57 Only lock on map get for process state
  • 8e598fc Check that process exists before it is returned
  • c07ede4 Merge pull request #1940 from schomatis/fix-io-testnewattach-race
  • 634a0e8 Merge pull request #1939 from schomatis/update-getting-started-stdio
  • eda50b1 Fix race condition in IO test (TestNewAttach)
  • f61f60e Update getting-started guide with the new stdio implementation
  • 3affaff Merge pull request #1937 from schomatis/add-native-build-i-option
  • 55b5e35 Added go build option '-i' only for native builds
  • cd05dec Merge pull request #1936 from kolyshkin/netgo
  • cbc3301 ctr: Add a test file to test cpu getCpuVariant
  • 2517e13 ctr: Add Variant field to default test expected result
  • 3192b36 ctr: Add variant to ARM's DefaultSpec string
  • a047abb ctr: Identify the platform.variant for ARM platforms
  • 4355ba2 ctr: Add helpers to database to check Linux and ARM arch
  • efc5df5 add netgo for static build
  • 1a56054 Merge pull request #1811 from dnephin/trim-makefile
  • cc9216c Remove go install from Makefile
  • a921fb6 Merge pull request #1904 from dnephin/less-verbose-ci
  • 984824d Merge pull request #1926 from crosbymichael/ctr-help
  • 9bb2a6f Merge pull request #1900 from yanxuean/filter
  • 274ce69 Less verbose build output
  • 399e3c5 Change ctr help for mount from dest to dst
  • 71d1e55 Merge pull request #1925 from dmcgowan/parent-directory-inclusion
  • d4317a1 Fix parent directories not included in tar
  • afbbe43 Merge pull request #1895 from dnephin/refactor-cio
  • f33f49e Merge pull request #1924 from crosbymichael/fix-gauge
  • c195ebb Implement archive.Apply on Windows
  • 0b318b4 Fix gauge constant
  • 5956e15 Merge pull request #1923 from crosbymichael/stress-size
  • 0725b60 Add binary sizes to stress test metrics
  • 00bc24f Merge pull request #1917 from dnephin/less-verbose-tests
  • 7c37625 Merge pull request #1914 from stevvooe/stabilize-snapshot-tree-output
  • 05537b0 Merge pull request #1922 from crosbymichael/bump-runc
  • a0f7bbb Update runc to 7f24b40cc5423969b4554ef04ba0b00e2
  • fad72b6 Merge pull request #1910 from crosbymichael/stress-json
  • 5971d36 Merge pull request #1916 from dnephin/fix-pull-after-failure
  • 10ef7f3 Merge pull request #1912 from clnperez/threshold-test
  • 49fffe8 Less verbose tests
  • 9184908 Fix image pull after a failure
  • 6ae0f5f Add error metric for stress tests
  • 224417a add testcase for and refactor
  • 9aeeefa cmd/ctr: stablize output of snapshot tree
  • f34d030 Add unit test for cio
  • 1607a9e check for threshold, not range
  • 652e078 Add commit to stress metric
  • 4d55298 Add prom timer to stress
  • 03bc5e9 Merge pull request #1906 from stevvooe/change-on-oom-failure
  • cb423f8 Merge pull request #1907 from Random-Liu/fix-deadlock
  • 0eebf90 Fix containerd deadlock.
  • af5d03e server: only warn on failed OOM score adjust
  • 7d4337e Reduce the number of IO constructors
  • c71bee7 Vendor go-winio
  • ca5f16c Move stress worker to new file
  • 9fcca96 Add json output to stress test tool
  • a901091 Rename cio.Creation to cio.Creator
  • 3146019 Refactor cio.DirectIO
  • f79ec5b Cleanup cio.FIFOSet interface
  • 6393165 Merge pull request #1894 from dnephin/cio-cancel-close
  • dc4533d Merge pull request #1901 from stevvooe/update-components
  • 57bf391 update components for 1.0 release
  • 65665ab Always Cancel before Close
  • c2cedac Merge pull request #1899 from YaoZengzeng/fix
  • 21c2603 add missing dependency in code example
  • 31dabf0 Merge pull request #1892 from estesp/fix-release-link
  • ad6e751 Merge pull request #1891 from crosbymichael/new-panic
  • cf741bc Fix typo in release link
  • f78bad2 Remove panic from newCommand
  • a6e68ca Merge pull request #1888 from thaJeztah/update-grpc
  • ce3e326 Bump gRPC to v1.7.4
  • 1eea02c Merge pull request #1886 from stevvooe/remove-hints
  • c98a067 Merge pull request #1890 from thaJeztah/bump-runtime-spec-1.0.1
  • 83bbb9a Merge pull request #1885 from stevvooe/lockdown-1.0-api
  • 8b1fd08 Bump runtime-spec and image-spec to 1.0.1
  • 0eec9c0 Fix missing libcontainer syscall file
  • ebf80ab remotes: remove unused hints
  • c5fe021 api: lock down 1.0 API descriptors

Dependency Changes

Previous release can be found at v1.0.0

  • -> 53feefa2559fb8dfa8d81baad31be332c97d6c77
  • -> fcb9a12f7875d01f8390b28faedc37dcf2e713b9
  • -> v0.6.0
  • -> 4a2974bf1ee960774ffd517717f1f45325af0206
  • -> 32f571b70023028bd57d9288c20efbcb237f3ce0
  • 29da22c6171a4316169f9205ab6c49f59b5b852f -> fe281dd265766145e943a034aa41086474ea6130
  • -> 6073aff4ac61897f75895123f7e24135204a404d
  • v1.0.0 -> v1.0.1
  • -> ff4f55a206334ef123e4f79bbf348980da81ca46
  • -> 258e2a2fa64568210fbd6267cf1d8fd87c3cb86e
  • fbfb6a11ec671efbe94ad1c12c2e98773f19e1e6 -> 3d5202aec260678c48179c56f40e6f38a095738c
  • fa8ad6fec33561be4280a8f0514318c79d7f6cb6 -> 99fa1f4be8e564e8a6b613da7fa6f46c9edafc6c
  • fcdb11ccb4389efb1b210b7ffb623ab71c5fdd60 -> cb4147076ac75738c9a7d279075a253c0cc5acbd
  • -> 449fdfce4d962303d702fec724ef0ad181c92528
  • -> 484f27892430b961df38fe6715cc396409207d9f
  • v1.0.0 -> v1.0.1
  • -> 86f080cff0914e9694068ed78d503701667c4c00
  • -> v1.10.0-rc.1
  • -> 1.0.4
  • ed1cbe1fc31f5fb2359d3a54b6330d1a097858b7 -> bcb223a061a3dd7de1a89c0b402a60f4dd9bd307
  • -> db04d3cc01c8b54962a58ec7e491717d06cfcc16
  • -> v1.0.0-rc.0
  • -> v1.0.0
  • -> 3887ee99ecf07df5b447e9b00d9c0b2adaa9f3e4
  • -> 049ef88d84c1f49e52479d9f5f10d6756dd03a8b
  • 84eeaae905fa414d03e07bcd6c8d3f19e7cf180e -> cb7008ab3d8359b78c5f464cb7cf160107ad5925
  • cc52c4dea2ce11a44e6639e561bb5c2af9ada9e3 -> 2e1aa0ddf94f91fa282b6ed87c23bf0d64911244
  • 76e68349ad9ab4d03d764c713826d31216715e4f -> d4528379866b0ce7e9d71f3eb96f0582fc374577
  • -> v3.1.0
  • 8fd5772bf1584597834c6f7961a530f06cbfbb87 -> 4ea375f7759c82740c893fc030bc37088d2ec098
  • v0.8.0 -> f4fb1b73fb099f396a7f0036bf86aa8def4ed823
  • -> 7554cd9344cec97297fa6649b055a8c98c2a1e55
  • -> 49796115aa4b964c318aad4f3084fdb41e9aa067
  • -> f51c12702a4d776e4c1fa9b0fabab841babae631
  • -> 166add352731e515512690329794ee593f1aaff2
  • -> b38e5838b7b2f2ad48e06ec4b500011976080621
  • -> 44d81051d367757e1c7c6a5a86423ece9afcf63c
  • -> 5584376ceeffeb13a2e98b5e9f0e9dab37de4bab
  • cf279e6ac893682272b4479d4c67fd3abf878b4e -> 3e8f2ea4b190484acb976a5b378d373429639a1a
  • v1.7.2 -> v1.7.4
  • -> v0.1.0
  • -> 73d445a93680fa1a78ae23a5839bad48f32ba1ee
  • v0.2.0-21-g9906417 -> a368813c5e648fee92e5f6c30e3944ff9d5e8895
  • -> 837069aa36757a586e4a8165f1ff5ca06170aa4a
  • 74a17296470088de3805e138d3d87c62e613dfc4 -> 69663f0bd4b60df09991c08812a60108003fa340
  • -> 44dbf532bbf5767611f6f2a61bded572e337010a
  • -> 44145f04b68cf362d9c4df2182967c2275eaefed
  • -> ed905158d87462226a13fe39ddf685ea65f1c11f
  • -> 5ad6cdb7538b0097d5598c7e57f0a24072adf7dc
  • -> c65b2f87fee37d1c7854c9164a450713c28d50cd
  • -> f2d7272f12d045b16ed924f50e91f9f9cecc55a7
  • -> 2e6f60521b5690bf2f265c416a42b251c2a3ec8e
  • 195bde7883f7c39ea62b0d92ab7359b5327065cb -> 89604d197083d4781071d3c65855d24ecfb0a563
  • v0.4.4 -> v0.4.5
  • -> v0.7.0