@dmcgowan dmcgowan released this Nov 21, 2018

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Welcome to the v1.2.1-rc.0 release of containerd!
This is a pre-release of containerd

The first patch release for containerd 1.2 includes several
runtime and CRI fixes.


  • Fix race in process state when pausing containers
  • Optimize runtime v1 shim locking
  • Fix hang processing events
  • Increase event buffer size
  • Fix broken pipe causing shim hang
  • Update runc


  • Remove auth config logs
  • Fix NetNS cache state


  • Ignore modprobe failures in systemd ExecStartPre

Please try out the release binaries and report any issues at


  • Lantao Liu
  • Michael Crosby
  • Derek McGowan
  • Lifubang
  • Phil Estes
  • Ace-Tang
  • Akihiro Suda
  • Justin Terry
  • Mike Brown
  • Sebastiaan van Stijn
  • Wei Fu


  • de1f167ab9 Merge pull request #2819 from dmcgowan/prepare-1.2.1-rc
  • 27d72ba795 Update version
  • e3840cce17 Add 1.2.1 release notes
  • 940c0c06d2 Merge pull request #2817 from Random-Liu/cherrypick-2811-release-1.2
  • 4598ec2111 Lock KillAll.
  • e429785ca0 Merge pull request #2815 from thaJeztah/1.2_backport_shimlockwhenstdinclose
  • 9be591e4a6 Merge pull request #2803 from crosbymichael/cherry-proc-lock
  • 309973edd9 Merge pull request #2801 from crosbymichael/cherry-runc
  • e4c49d7053 Update runc to 10d38b660a77168360df3522881e2dc2be
  • cd83a4e0ba fix pipe in broken may cause shim lock forever for runtime v1
  • 275f99feb9 fix pipe in broken may cause shim lock forever for runtime v2
  • 39cd86348c Merge pull request #2795 from estesp/cherrypick-optimize-shim-lock
  • 3afc3f149c Merge pull request #2796 from estesp/cherrypick-exit-ch-buffers
  • f9323ca957 Revert v2 dropped events
  • 4c72befe09 Fix process locking and state management
  • 14dc3078b9 Partially revert the event discard change in #2748.
  • 417d694148 Increase reaper buffer size and non-blocking send
  • 7ef5285b56 optimize shim lock in runtime v1
  • 040e73fde1 Merge pull request #2792 from estesp/cherrypick-update-hcsshim-vendor
  • c4a256d342 Merge pull request #2790 from estesp/cherrypick-v1v2-runtime-fix
  • 737587653d Temp: add appveyor enablement for release/1.2 branch
  • 090e3e98a2 Revendor
  • 046b6c6d00 enhance: update v1/v2 runtime
  • 7ff9f6815a Merge pull request #2784 from Random-Liu/update-cri-release-1.2
  • 54895c0b98 Update cri to 2bb57d27203d82fc79c496aea724aec593b2705a.
  • cd0ecb78c7 Merge pull request #2779 from thaJeztah/1.2_backport_ignore_modprobe_failures
  • c4acd17e70 Ignore modprobe failures in ExecStartPre (systemd unit)

Changes from containerd/cri

  • 2bb57d27 Merge pull request #966 from Random-Liu/cherrypick-#959-release-1.2
  • c4773dd5 Use commit as version.
  • 9b67975b Merge pull request #962 from mikebrow/cherry-pick-remove-authconfig-from-log
  • c064d480 removes authconfig from info log
  • a72707ca Merge pull request #958 from Random-Liu/cherrypick-#950-release-1.2
  • 6881f449 Update integration test.
  • 6681eb15 Manage mount lifecycle and remove cached state

Dependency Changes

Previous release can be found at v1.2.0

  • v0.7.12 -> v0.8.1
  • f913714917d2456d7e65a0be84962b1ce8acb487 -> 2bb57d27203d82fc79c496aea724aec593b2705a
  • 58592df56734acf62e574865fe40b9e53e967910 -> 10d38b660a77168360df3522881e2dc2be5056bd