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@dmcgowan dmcgowan released this Nov 20, 2019

Welcome to the v1.3.1 release of containerd!

The first patch release for containerd 1.3 includes a fix hang on pull when
there is a registry error and important vendor updates.

Notable Updates

Please try out the release binaries and report any issues at


  • Michael Crosby
  • Sebastiaan van Stijn
  • Derek McGowan
  • Phil Estes
  • Lantao Liu
  • Wei Fu
  • Akihiro Suda
  • Ameya Gawde
  • Eli Uriegas
  • Maksym Pavlenko


Dependency Changes

Previous release can be found at v1.3.0

  • 3e425f80a8c931f88e6d94a8c831b9d5aa481657 -> d736ef14f0288d6993a1845745d6756cfc9ddd5a
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