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@dmcgowan dmcgowan released this Dec 3, 2019

Welcome to the v1.3.2 release of containerd!

The second patch release for containerd 1.3 includes a fix for a race condition
related to the reported pid on exit when called from Docker.



  • Added insecure_skip_verify option in the registry tls config to allow skipping registry certificate verification containerd/containerd#3847

Please try out the release binaries and report any issues at


  • Lantao Liu
  • Derek McGowan
  • Michael Crosby
  • Phil Estes
  • Maksym Pavlenko


Changes from containerd/cri

  • b1bef15f Merge pull request #1346 from Random-Liu/cherrypick-#1345-release-1.3
  • 27edfa06 Add insecure_skip_verify option.
  • e5dd8053 Merge pull request #1322 from Random-Liu/cherrypick-#1319-release-1.3
  • c0dee957 Fix containerd build, use libbtrfs-dev when available.
  • 1fb415d2 Merge pull request #1314 from Random-Liu/cherrypick-#1312-release-1.3
  • 0973459d Update based on default xenial distro.
  • a46f6baf Configure golangci-lint

Dependency Changes

Previous release can be found at v1.3.1

  • 5d49e7e51b43e36a6b9c4386257c7d08c602237f -> b1bef15fbeb6c6f0569b67322acfa74ca3597755
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