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So we have come a long way from the cri-containerd v0.1.0 release. We are excited to announce the cri-containerd v1.0.0-alpha.0 release today!


  • Feature Complete. ALL Kubernetes features are supported with CRI-Containerd.
  • Cluster Installer. An installer is created to bring up multi-node kubernetes cluster with cri-containerd and containerd.

External Dependencies


In this release, lots of significant missing features have been added:

  • Container Streaming: Exec(#115), Attach(#128), Portforward(#130).
  • Security Context: RunAsUser(#168), Selinux(#157), Apparmor(#159), Seccomp(#219), Sysctl(#119).
  • Container Metrics: CPU/Memory/Disk usage of a container(#265).
  • Image Filesystem Metrics: Disk and inodes usage of image filesystem(#257).
  • Live Restore: cri-containerd and containerd could be restarted, containers will not be affected(#209).
  • More...


In terms of testing we have passed:

Try It Out

We have created a cluster installer to bring up multi node Kubernetes cluster with cri-containerd and containerd. The installer is based on ansible and kubeadm. We hope to receive a lot of feedback and suggestions in addition to help on validating and improving the installer on various distros.

We have compiled all the steps to bring up the cluster in here

Known Issues

  • Kubelet Summary API: Because of known issue in Kubelet, it can't correctly consume container and image filesystem stats from container runtime. This is going to be fixed in Kubernetes v1.8.1.
  • Image Removal: Removing an image only removes the image reference, the underlying storage is not removed. This will be fixed in next release, after containerd image garbage collection (containerd/containerd#1398) is implemented.
  • Alpha CPU Manager: The alpha feature CPU manager is not supported yet because of a known issue #316. The support will be added in next patch release.


We'd like to extend a thanks to the following people who contributed to this release: