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showKs Canvas

showKs Canvas is a simple collaborative whiteboard using This is the participant's web application of Japan Container Days showKs.

How to modify

  1. Create your own branch.

  2. Edit src/data/author.json

  3. Send a pull request to be merged into staging branch

How to use

Run as a container

$ docker build -t <your username>/showks-canvas:<your tag> .
$ docker run -p <desired port>:8080 -d <your username>/showks-canvas:<your tag>

Run with Node.js runtime

$ cd src
$ npm install
$ npm start

Open http://<your host>:8080 with a web browser.

HTTP Endpoints

Endpoint Description
/ The whiteboard Web UI
/canvas Latest canvas image (PNG)
/thumbnail Canvas thumbnail (PNG)
/author Author information in (JSON)
/version Version information of Canvas

Author information format

    "userName": "Unique user name which identifies an instance",
    "gitHubId": "GitHub account of the author",
    "twitterId": "Twitter account of the author",
    "comment": "Comment shown in the listing"

Socket.IO Namespaces

Namespace Description
/notification Notifies the client of 'refresh' message with value 1 when the drawing is updated and there was no message sent within last 5 seconds.



This application is forked from Socket.IO Collaborative Whiteboard example.