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cnitool is a simple program that executes a CNI configuration. It will add or remove an interface in an already-created network namespace.

Environment Variables

  • NETCONFPATH: This environment variable needs to be set to a directory. It defaults to /etc/cni/net.d. The cnitool searches for CNI configuration files in this directory with the extension *.conf or *.json. It loads all the CNI configuration files in this directory and if it finds a CNI configuration with the network name given to the cnitool it returns the corresponding CNI configuration, else it returns nil.
  • CNI_PATH: For a given CNI configuration cnitool will search for the corresponding CNI plugin in this path.

Example invocation

First, install cnitool:

go get
go install

Then, check out and build the plugins. All commands should be run from this directory.

git clone
cd plugins
# or

Create a network configuration

echo '{"cniVersion":"0.4.0","name":"myptp","type":"ptp","ipMasq":true,"ipam":{"type":"host-local","subnet":"","routes":[{"dst":""}]}}' | sudo tee /etc/cni/net.d/10-myptp.conf

Create a network namespace. This will be called testing:

sudo ip netns add testing

Add the container to the network:

sudo CNI_PATH=./bin cnitool add myptp /var/run/netns/testing

Check whether the container's networking is as expected (ONLY for spec v0.4.0+):

sudo CNI_PATH=./bin cnitool check myptp /var/run/netns/testing

Test that it works:

sudo ip -n testing addr
sudo ip netns exec testing ping -c 1

And clean up:

sudo CNI_PATH=./bin cnitool del myptp /var/run/netns/testing
sudo ip netns del testing