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@squeed squeed released this May 10, 2019

CNI v0.8.0

This is a major release of the CNI plugins. It includes

CHECK support enables container runtimes to validate that a container's network is still up and functioning properly. All of the official CNI plugins support CHECK.

New plugins:

  • bandwidth - limit incoming and outgoing bandwidth (#96), (#138).
  • firewall - add containers to firewall rules (#290).
  • sbr - convert container routes to source-based routes (#212).
  • static - assign a fixed IP address (#136), (#165).
  • win-bridge, win-overlay: Windows plugins (#193), (#215).

Plugin features / changelog:

  • CHECK Support (#264)


  • Allow to configure empty ipam for macvlan (#307).
  • Make master config optional (#298).


  • Add vlan tag to the bridge cni plugin (#231). Allow the user to assign VLAN tag.
  • L2 bridge Implementation (#195).


  • Include Subnet Mask option parameter in DHCPREQUEST (#284).
  • Add systemd unit file to activate socket with systemd (#276).
  • Add container ifName to the dhcp clientID, making the clientID value (#217).


  • Pass through runtimeConfig to delegate (#309).


  • host-local: add ifname to file tracking IP address used (#203).


  • Support the IPAM in the host-device (#220).
  • Handle empty netns in DEL for loopback and host-device (#213).


  • adds 'ip link' command related feature into tuning (#177).

Bug fixes & minor changes

  • Correctly DEL on ipam failure for all plugins (#314).
  • Fix bug on ip revert if cmdAdd fails on macvlan and host-device (#301)
  • host-device: Ensure device is down before rename (#147).
  • Fix -hostprefix option (#268).
  • some DHCP servers expect to request for explicit router options (#255).
  • bridge: release IP in case of error (#129).
  • change source of ipmasq rule from ipn to ip (#279)

Build fixes:

  • test: add coveralls support (#288).
  • plugins: correctly output build version, cosmetic cleanups (#295).
  • Move Windows tests to Travis (#246).


Many, many thanks to our contributors:
angelachin, astrieanna, bboreham, benmoss, BSWANG, daschott, databus23, dcbw, DennisDenuto, dongjun666, francares, hustcat, huynq0911, hwchiu, jellonek, jingax10, JoeWrightss, jzwlqx, liucimin, lsm5, lucab, m1093782566, mars1024, mauriciovasquezbernal, mccv1r0, mrostecki, nagiesek, ncdc, NeilW, plwhite, Random-Liu, rosenhouse, s1061123, sak0, saravanakumar-periyasamy, SchSeba, squeed, sufuf3, thxCode

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