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@squeed squeed released this Aug 15, 2019 · 11 commits to master since this release

This is a minor release of the CNI plugins. It includes some important bug fixes, as well as new features:

New features:

  • Support "args" in static and tuning (#281).
  • Add Loopback DSR support, allow l2tunnel networks to be used with the l2bridge plugin (#331).
  • host-local: return error if same ADD request is seen twice (#328).
  • bandwidth: fix collisions (#353).
  • Support ips capability in static and mac capability in tuning (#343).
  • pkg/veth: Make host-side veth name configurable. (#344).

Bug fixes:

  • Fix: failed to set bridge addr: could not add IP address to "cni0": file exists (#366).
  • host-device: revert name setting to make retries idempotent (#357).
  • Vendor update go-iptables (#358). Vendor update go-iptables to obtain commit f1d0510cabcb710d5c5dd284096f81444b9d8d10
    Update go.mod & go.sub
  • Remove link Down/Up in MAC address change to prevent route flush (#364).
  • pkg/ip unit test: be agnostic of Linux version (#349). on Linux 4.4 the syscall error message is "invalid argument" not "file exists"
  • bump containernetworking/cni to v0.7.1 (#341).
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