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dhcp plugin


With dhcp plugin the containers can get an IP allocated by a DHCP server already running on your network. This can be especially useful with plugin types such as macvlan. Because a DHCP lease must be periodically renewed for the duration of container lifetime, a separate daemon is required to be running. The same plugin binary can also be run in the daemon mode.


To use the dhcp IPAM plugin, first launch the dhcp daemon:

# Make sure the unix socket has been removed
$ rm -f /run/cni/dhcp.sock
$ ./dhcp daemon

If given -pidfile <path> arguments after 'daemon', the dhcp plugin will write its PID to the given file. If given -hostprefix <prefix> arguments after 'daemon', the dhcp plugin will use this prefix for netns as <prefix>/<original netns>. It could be used in case of running dhcp daemon as container.

Alternatively, you can use systemd socket activation protocol. Be sure that the .socket file uses /run/cni/dhcp.sock as the socket path.

With the daemon running, containers using the dhcp plugin can be launched.

Example configuration

	"ipam": {
		"type": "dhcp",

## Network configuration reference

* `type` (string, required): "dhcp"