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TomSweeneyRedHat Touch up shebang's in scripts
Stealing @saschagrunert 's idea on making the shebangs in
the demos scripts be a bit happier on more platforms.  He
adjusted Buildah in containers/buildah#1804
and I'm adjusting here.  I also chmod to 755 so that the scripts
will run right out of the box.

Signed-off-by: TomSweeneyRedHat <>
Latest commit efcf12e Aug 20, 2019
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README.MD Add demo for running Buildah as root in Podman Mar 25, 2019 Touch up shebang's in scripts Aug 20, 2019



This script demonstrates running a Buildah container inside of a Podman container without needing root in the Buildah container. Buildah will be installed in both the Podman and the Buildah containers.

You need to execute the script in this directory. The script will install the latest versions of Podman and Buildah using yum.

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