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This repository has been archived by the owner on Feb 24, 2020. It is now read-only.

Releases: containers/build


10 Aug 18:42
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appc spec version: v0.8.5

This release includes a handful of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

  • stdin is now attached during run commands
  • godeps has been replaced with glide
  • a fix to allow the systemd-nspawn engine to work with systemd >= 230
  • better arm support
  • a new script mode, so acbuild can run scripts written in a special DSL
  • fixed proxy support
  • fixed isolator commands
  • added a chroot engine for the run command, so systemd-nspawn isn't needed


15 Jun 22:46
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appc spec version: v0.8.4

This minor release largely exists to bump the version of the AppC spec the
acbuild is using.

  • Bumps the version of the AppC spec to v0.8.4.
  • Adds the ability for acbuild to generate man pages for itself.


14 May 18:37
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appc spec version: v0.7.4

  • Sets the PATH environment variable inside of acbuild run commands, instead of
    propagating the variable from the host.
  • Copy has been split out into copy and copy-to-dir. copy is for copying a
    given file/directory to a specific path, and copy-to-dir is for copying one
    or more files/directories into a given directory. error.
  • The run and end subcommands now contain a check for if .acbuild/target is
    mounted, and will attempt to unmount it before performing their actions.
  • The flag --working-dir has been added to the run subcommand, for specifying
    the working directory to run the given command in. This requires systemd >=
  • Added support for passing the begin command a tarball, which when not a valid
    ACI will be used as the starting rootfs for the build.
  • Now uses version 0.7.4 of the AppC spec.


21 Dec 17:52
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appc spec version: v0.7.1+git

v0.2.2 is a minor release incorporating a handful of changes since v0.2.1.
Things this release includes:

  • Don't require a starting character of . or / when specifying an image for
    the --modify flag.
  • Adds support for specifying a local directory with begin, for use as the
    initial rootfs of the ACI.
  • Adds support for the run command on systems with a version of systemd <
  • Versions of dependencies can be specified using tag syntax.
  • A bug related to the handling of hard links in tars was found, and fixed.
  • A history of acbuild commands performed is now tracked in annotations in the
    ACI being worked on. This can be disabled via a flag.


18 Nov 20:36
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appc spec version: v0.7.1+git5a7af19

v0.2.0 changed the default behavior of the copy command, requiring that the
user passed the -T flag to use the previous default behavior. This release
flips that, such that the default will be as it was before, and a new flag must
be passed to use the new behavior.


18 Nov 20:33
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appc spec version: v0.7.1+git5a7af19

  • Automatically fills in the os and arch labels on new builds.
  • The --modify flag failed to properly use an alternate work context.
  • The help page has been reformatted.
  • Extracting ACIs during begin no longer requires root.
  • Modifying an existing ACI that didn't have the app field set would cause an
  • Copy now has two modes of operation, toggled with the -T flag. The new mode
    allows copying many files at once into the ACI, as opposed to a single one.
  • When using begin with a local file, the path must now start with a ., ~,
    or /.

The following commands have been added to acbuild since the last release:

  • cat-manifest
  • isolator add
  • isolator remove
  • replace-manifest
  • set-event-handler pre-start
  • set-event-handler post-stop
  • set-working-directory

bug fixes

23 Oct 22:44
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appc spec version: v0.7.1+git5a7af19

v0.1.1 has a couple of bug fixes since the initial release:

  • When the --debug flag was combined with the run command acbuild would
    panic. (#56)
  • When a remote ACI was specified with begin, acbuild would emit an error and
    exit after downloading the ACI. (#58)

Initial release

22 Oct 23:45
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Initial release