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buildah-unshare "1" "June 2018" "buildah"


buildah-unshare - Run a command inside of a modified user namespace.


buildah unshare [options] [--] [command]


Launches a process (by default, $SHELL) in a new user namespace. The user namespace is configured so that the invoking user's UID and primary GID appear to be UID 0 and GID 0, respectively. Any ranges which match that user and group in /etc/subuid and /etc/subgid are also mapped in as themselves with the help of the newuidmap(1) and newgidmap(1) helpers.

This is mainly useful for troubleshooting unprivileged operations and for manually clearing storage and other data related to images and containers.


buildah unshare id

buildah unshare pwd

buildah unshare cat /proc/self/uid_map

buildah unshare cat /proc/self/gid_map

buildah unshare rm -fr $HOME/.local/share/containers/storage /var/run/user/`id -u`/run


buildah(1), namespaces(7), newuidmap(1), newgidmap(1), user_namespaces(7)