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An implementation of overlay+shiftfs in FUSE for rootless containers.


$ fuse-overlayfs -o lowerdir=lowerdir/a:lowerdir/b,upperdir=up,workdir=workdir merged

Specify a different UID/GID mapping:

$ fuse-overlayfs -o uidmapping=0:10:100:100:10000:2000,gidmapping=0:10:100:100:10000:2000,lowerdir=lowerdir/a:lowerdir/b,upperdir=up,workdir=workdir merged


If you are not using the static build as explained in the next chapter, your system needs libfuse > v3.2.1.

  • On Fedora: dnf install fuse3-devel
  • On Ubuntu > v19.04: apt install libfuse3-dev

Also, please note that, when using fuse-overlayfs from a user namespace (for example, when using rootless podman) a Linux Kernel > v4.18.0 is required.

Static Build:

This project provides a convenient way to automatically perform a static build using a container. The result is a self-contained binary without dependencies, that can be copied across hosts.

  1. Install buildah as explained here;

  2. Both the build and deploy host require the special device /dev/fuse; there are a few ways to obtain it:

  • install fuse2 or fuse3 using the package manager of your choice (dnf, apt, pacman, etc): the install script will usually create the device automatically; or
  • manually create the device with the command mknod /dev/fuse -m 0666 c 10 229 (see this code)
  1. Clone this repository, and switch to the top-level folder containing the file "Containerfile.static.ubuntu";

  2. Launch the build with the command (note the single dot . at the end):

buildah bud -v $PWD:/build/fuse-overlayfs -t fuse-overlayfs -f ./Containerfile.static.ubuntu .
  1. Copy the resulting binary to your host:
sudo cp fuse-overlayfs /usr/bin/