FUSE implementation for overlayfs
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An implementation of overlay+shiftfs in FUSE for rootless containers.


Read-only mode is not supported, so it is always required to specify an upperdir and a workingdir.


$ fuse-overlayfs -o lowerdir=lowerdir/a:lowerdir/b,upperdir=up,workdir=workdir merged

Specify a different UID/GID mapping:

$ fuse-overlayfs -o uidmapping=0:10:100:100:10000:2000,gidmapping=0:10:100:100:10000:2000,lowerdir=lowerdir/a:lowerdir/b,upperdir=up,workdir=workdir merged

Build Requirements:

This links to libfuse > v3

On fedora: dnf install fuse3-devel

Static Build:

buildah bud -t ./Dockerfile.static .