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Podman Desktop - A graphical tool for developing on containers and Kubernetes

Podman Desktop



Podman Desktop is a graphical interface that enables application developers to seamlessly work with containers and Kubernetes.

Podman Desktop installs, configures and keeps Podman up to date on your local environment. It provides a system tray, to check status and interact with your container engine without losing focus from other tasks. The desktop application provides a dashboard to interact with containers, images, pods and volumes but also configures your environment with your OCI registries and network settings. Podman Desktop also provides capabilities to connect and deploy pods to Kubernetes environments.

Podman Desktop also supports multiple container engines, pick your favourite one and use the tool!


Check the downloads page on


Containers and pods dashboard

  • Build, run, manage, and debug both containers and pods
  • Run Pods on your container engine or with Kubernetes
  • Convert your Pods to be running on Kubernetes
  • Manage multiple container engines

Multiple container engine support

Podman engine update support

  • Keep podman up-to-date on your PC by having Podman Desktop automatically install the newest version

System tray support

  • Manage your Container engine
  • Define your Kubernetes context

Enterprise capabilities

  • Proxy Support
  • OCI Image registries management

Bridge between local and remote environments

  • Connect and deploy to both local or remote Kubernetes environments
  • Change your Kubernetes context and pick your deployment environment

Join our early adopter program! (optional)

We are seeking developers who are interested in improving Podman Desktop!

Register your interest to join our Early Adopter Program by filling this form.

This is totally optional and does not change any Podman Desktop features.


All upcoming features are tracked with GitHub milestones.

Check out all our future features!


Interested in fixing issues or contributing to Podman Desktop?


For all bug and feature requests please file a GitHub issue.

Discussions are done using Github Discussions.


General questions & development:

Note: All channels are bridged. Chat on either: Discord, IRC or Matrix!

Kubernetes questions & development:

Code of Conduct

This project uses the Containers Community Code of Conduct.


Licensed under Apache 2.0.