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Visualize Kubernetes Applications


What is it?

Konstellate is a UI to create edit and manage Kubernetes resources and their relationships. You can easily create complex YAML and export them as Helm charts or Kustomize templates

Try out the alpha build - Konstellate Demo

You can create resources from one of the templates using the editor, or import yaml that you already have.


Once you have a few resources created, you can simply drag a line between the two to connect them. Konstellate will look for any possible ways they can be connected and give you a drop down of the options.


Once your application is created you can clone it in a new workspace and make additional changes to it there. These changes will be reflected as variables in the helm chart or overlays kustomize templates as you export it.


How to run konstellate on your machine?

Install Clojure on your machine. To learn more see

Once Clojure is installed, you can clojure -m figwheel.main -b dev -r. This will download the dependencies and start the server and open application in the default browser.

Known Issues

  • Warn users if no connection types are available
  • Implement Export YAML
  • Implement Import Helm + Kustomize
  • Update Add/Remove buttons on editor

Future Roadmap

  • Auto populate required fields in resource templates
  • Add tree view into YAML spec
  • Packaging as electron/docker image + local file system sync
  • Tie Konstellate into running clusters + kubectl plugin
  • Enable GitOps flow



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