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@traefiker traefiker released this Aug 26, 2019

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  • [acme] Improve acme logs. (#5139 by ldez)
  • [docker,k8s,k8s/crd,k8s/ingress] chore: update docker and k8s (#5174 by ldez)
  • [k8s,k8s/crd,k8s/ingress] Correct Kubernetes Ingress and IngressRoute port heuristic for choosing HTTPS (#5167 by seh)
  • [k8s,k8s/ingress] Add TLS-enabled Router (#5162 by dtomcej)
  • [middleware,provider] Add Feature-Policy header support (#5156 by dtomcej)
  • [middleware] Add rate limiter, rename maxConn into inFlightReq (#5246 by mpl)
  • [server] WeightedRoundRobin load balancer (#5237 by juliens)
  • [server] Adds mirroring service (#5251 by juliens)
  • [server] Add support proxyprotocol v2 (#4755 by c0va23)
  • [webui] Add a new dashboard page (#5249 by Basgrani)
  • [webui] Add doc and version in navbar (#5137 by Slashgear)
  • [webui] Use components to split Home concerns (#5136 by Slashgear)
  • Bump x/sys to support Risc-V architecture (#5245 by carlosedp)

Bug fixes:

  • [cli] Apply the case of the CLI flags for the configuration (#5153 by jbdoumenjou)
  • [metrics] Fix prometheus metrics (#5152 by mmatur)
  • [middleware] Fix url.Parse due to go1.12.8 changes. (#5207 by ldez)
  • Ensure WaitGroup.Done() is always called (#5026 by bsdelf)


  • [acme,docker] Add a docker-compose & let's encrypt user-guide (#5121 by pbenefice)
  • [acme,docker] Removed extra colon before the 8080 docker port (#5209 by fairwood136)
  • [acme,k8s/crd] Fix: CRD user guide (#5244 by ldez)
  • [acme] Fix acme example (#5130 by jamct)
  • [middleware] docker-compose labels require $'s to be escaped (#5225 by Makeshift)
  • AML indent for domains under TLS documentation section (#5173 by edvincent)
  • Fix malformed rule (#5133 by dtomcej)
  • doc: improve examples. (#5132 by ldez)


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