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Official Contao-Bootstrap documentation

This repository contains the official Contao-Bootstrap documentation. It's written in reStructuredText using Sphinx.


This documentation requires your contribution. Feel free to fork and contribute.

Please take following guildlines into account:

  • Please add your name and contact/website to the manual/acknowledgments page.
  • A document contains eighter the documentation or the structure of the child documents.
  • Each line have not be longer than 80 chars. Please add a line break when reaching the limit.
  • Use following headline syntax:
    • First level: ===
    • Second level: ---
    • Third level: ***
    • Fourth level: +++
  • Please do not go deeper than to the 4th level.
  • Please add 2 blank lines before each headline.
  • Please add links to the bottom of the page. Use labeled links where possible.
  • Images should be stored in the img folder of each documentation folder.

If you have any questions, recommodations or issues, please use the issue tracker of this repository.