Bootstrap 4 Contao Form component
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Contao-Bootstrap Form Component

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This extension provides Bootstrap 4 form support for Contao CMS.


  • Horizontal forms
  • Vertical forms
  • Choose different form layouts for each form
  • Choose form layout in content element or module
  • Uses custom styles by default
  • Support of non custom styles by changing form layout


See changelog


  • PHP 7.1
  • Contao ~4.4


Managed edition

When using the managed edition it's pretty simple to install the package. Just search for the package in the Contao Manager and install it. Alternatively you can use the CLI.

# Using the contao manager
$ php contao-manager.phar.php composer require contao-bootstrap/form~2.0@beta

# Using composer directly
$ php composer.phar require contao-bootstrap/form~2.0@beta