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@baumannsven baumannsven tagged this Jul 31, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this tag

This release has:
- Fix grouping information in template
- Do not ignore custom properties in table head
- Get rid of $GLOBALS['container'] usage
- Remove dependencies on legacy cca-extensions.
- Use the parse method from the widget in the ajax call #489
- Set the static urls if used the backend tree widget
- Revert "Removing the id parameter for forwarding save and create #487"
- Support multiple values for hidden property
- Not parse the widget if is hidden
- Add the missing support for hide a property
- Removing the id parameter for forwarding save and create #487
- Restore function in the create handler #486
- Properly inject service
- Set disabled attribute for certain widgets being readonly
- Generate redirect url correctly on save&new
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