Dependency container for Contao Open Source CMS based on the Pimple Dependency Injection Container
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Dependency Injection Container for Contao Open Source CMS

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This DI Container based on Pimple.

NOTE on Contao 4: This is obsolete in Contao 4 - you should use the symfony container in Contao 4.

This extension keeps compatibility for easing migration to Contao 4 - however, you should change your code to register your services using both registration ways.

For a howto of how to migrate to Contao 4, please refer to the

Register parameters and services


$container['myservice.param'] = 'value';
$container['myservice'] = function($container) {
	return new MyServiceClassName();

Access parameters and services

class MyClass
	function myFunction()
		global $container;

		$parameter = $container['myservice.param'];
		$service = $container['myservice'];

Build-in services

The config object

/** @var \Config $config */
$config = $container['config'];

The environment object

/** @var \Environment $environment */
$environment = $container['environment'];

The database connection

/** @var \Database $database */
$database = $container['database.connection'];

The input object

/** @var \Input $input */
$input = $container['input'];

The backend or frontend user, depend on TL_MODE

/** @var \BackendUser|\FrontendUser $user */
$user = $container['user'];

The session object

/** @var \Session $session */
$session = $container['session'];

Lazy access to the $objPage object

/** @var DependencyInjection\Container\PageProvider */
$pageProvider = $container['page-provider'];
$page         = $pageProvider->getPage();