this is a theme boilerplate for contao themes
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this is a boilerplate to load themes via contao manager or composer in contao cms


pdir contao theme licence -> see LICENSE file for more informations


compatible with Contao 4.4.x

rename & replace

Rename the following folders to your THEME_NAME:


Rename the following files to your THEME_NAME


Replace THEME_NAME in following files



    config = symlink to web (Images, JS, CSS etc.)
    public = Symfony config (services etc.)
    views = Templates for Twig
    contao = contao stuff (config, dca etc.)

# Weitere Beispiele für Verzeichnisse in ./src/
Typ     	                    Verzeichnis
Commands	                    Command/
Controllers	                    Controller/
Service Container Extensions	DependencyInjection/
Event Listeners	                EventListener/
Model Klassen	                Model/
Übersetzungen (Symfony)	        Resources/translations/
Übersetzungen (Contao)	        Resources/contao/languages/
Templates (.html5)              Resources/contao/templates/
Unit-Tests	                    Tests/


Key	Wert
name	        contao-themes-net/[theme-name]-bundle (<vendor>/<name>-bundle)
description	    Kurze Beschreibung
type	        contao-bundle
license	        "pdir contao theme licence" (auch andere Lizenzen möglich)
require	        Abhängigkeiten
require-dev     Abhängigkeiten (nur dev-Mode)
autoload	    PSR-4 (Standard)