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Change log

4.7.7 (2019-07-16)

  • Check for a locale in the URL in the getRootPageFromUrl() method (see #456).
  • Correctly hide running events in the event list.
  • Correctly apply the sorting flags in the list and parent view (see contao/core-bundle#1536).
  • Purge the search index when a page alias changes (see #472).
  • Show only newsletter channels with redirect page in the newsletter list module (see #494).
  • Use scssphp/scssphp instead of leafo/scssphp (see #506).
  • Hide empty legends in the member_grouped.html5 template (see #514).

4.7.6 (2019-05-21)

  • Ignore the query string when marking pages as "active" (see #480).
  • Do not cache file downloads in the HTTP cache (see #460).
  • Fix the "Recreate the symlinks" maintenance task (see #462).
  • Do not inherit cache timeouts on error pages (see #231).
  • Correctly show redirect pages in the navigation menu (see #466).

4.7.5 (2019-04-30)

  • Prevent SQL injections in the file manager search (see CVE-2019-11512).
  • Hide the "print article as PDF" link if there is no PDF handler (see #417).
  • Correctly handle dates in the news bundle (see #436).
  • Also show future news items if the "show all news items" option is selected (see #419).

4.7.4 (2019-04-10)

  • Correctly copy multiple events into an empty calendar (see #427).
  • Correctly check the permissions to create form fields (see #414).
  • Fix the save callback in the back end password module (see #429).
  • Correctly handle dates in the calendar bundle (see #428).
  • Fall back to the language if only language plus region is given (see #430).

4.7.3 (2019-04-09)

  • Fix the request token check in the front end (see CVE-2019-10642).
  • Invalidate old opt-in tokens when a token is confirmed (see CVE-2019-10643).
  • Invalidate the user sessions if a password changes (see CVE-2019-10641).
  • Correctly check if a file or folder is excluded from synchronization (see 410).

4.7.2 (2019-03-25)

  • Make custom layout section titles and IDs mandatory (see #341).
  • Always add the host to the title attribute in the back end (see #339).
  • Prevent using reserved layout section IDs in custom layout sections (see #301).
  • Show the video elements headline in the back end preview (see #382).
  • Correctly check for related records when purgin opt-in tokens.

4.7.1 (2019-02-21)

  • Do not add crossorigin="anonymous" to all external scripts (see #356).
  • Use the host as title on the login page (see #339).
  • Correctly set the root IDs in the "checkPermission" callbacks (see #320).
  • Fix the format selection in the image size widget (see #315).
  • Ignore a .public file in the root files directory (see #286).
  • Correctly load MooTools via CDN (see #318).
  • Hide the impersonation link if already in impersonation mode (see #345).
  • Store the user object after it has been loaded (see #347).
  • Do not double decode URL fragments (see #321).
  • Correctly replace insert tags if the page contains invalid characters (see #349).
  • Correctly redirect to the preferred language for empty URL (see #336).

4.7.0 (2019-02-15)

  • Fix the input field height on Windows (see #79).

4.7.0-RC4 (2019-02-08)

  • Correctly match root pages with hostname and port (see #306).
  • Fix the "Recreate the symlinks" maintenance task (see #299).

4.7.0-RC3 (2019-01-24)

  • Add the js_nocookie.html5 template (see #134).
  • Correctly cancel the 2FA process (see #292).
  • Check the database configuration the install tool (see #285).
  • Validate the primary key when registering or saving a model (see #230).
  • Exempt the "page" insert tag from caching (see #284).
  • Correctly sort the tree view records if there is an active filter (see #269).
  • Fix two routing issues (see #263, #264).

4.7.0-RC2 (2019-01-17)

  • Support comma separated values in Model::getRelated() (see #257).
  • Do not check the user's file permissions in the template editor (see #224).
  • Do not show pretty errors if "text/html" is not accepted (see #249).
  • Return null in Model::findMultipleByIds() if there are no models (see #266).
  • Restore compatibility with Doctrine DBAL 2.9 (see #256).

4.7.0-RC1 (2019-01-15)

  • Warn if there are user groups granting access to the template editor (see #224).
  • Use the Symfony CMF router (see #95).
  • Increase the back end preview image dimensions (see #246).
  • Add the "contao.slug" service (see #222).
  • Add the "contao.opt-in" service (see #196).
  • Add the onshow_callback (see #235).
  • Enable drag and drop for templates (see #223).
  • Add the integrity attribute when loading jQuery from CDN (see contao/core-bundle#702).
  • Add methods to retrive past and upcoming dates in the event reader (see #175).
  • Associate comments with members (see contao/comments-bundle#7).
  • Add content disposition to download elements (see #20).
  • Move the "syncExclude" option to the file manager (see #203).
  • Move the "minifyHtml" option to the page layout (see #203).
  • Use a native font stack instead of a web font in the back end (see #98).
  • Improve the text for repeated events (see #175).
  • Allow to overwrite the page title and description in news and events (see #161).
  • Show all root languages by default in the meta editor (see contao/core#6254).
  • Try to preserve existing .htaccess entries when installing the web directory (see #160).
  • Use the alternative text from the image meta data if none is given (see #165).
  • Improve the API for protecting files and folders (see contao/core-bundle#1601).
  • Move the TCPDF export into a separate bundle (see #65).
  • Stop using kernel.root_dir (forward compatibility with Symfony 4.2).
  • Add support for routes in DCA operations (see #116).
  • Add a timestamp to all calendar cells (see #47).
  • Allow to tag services as data container callback (see #39).
  • Show a text key to set up 2FA in case the QR code cannot be scanned (see #86).
  • Show root pages in the custom navigation module (see contao/core-bundle#1641).
  • Add the removeField() method to the palette manipulator (see contao/core-bundle#1668).
  • Allow to select a news reader in the news list (see contao/news-bundle#39).
  • Show the current page title and URL in the preview bar (see contao/core-bundle#1640).